Harry Styles Looks The Part In New ‘Dunkirk’ Set Photos, Thanks Fans For Six Years Of Support

Harry Styles, the English singer and songwriter, is all set to cast away his boyish image by starring in Dunkirk, the upcoming war drama based on World War II. The One Direction band member will be playing a gritty role in the war drama, which also features Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy.

Recent photographs from the set of the movie show Harry Styles donning full army regalia, allowing him to showcase his acting skills for the first time in his debut movie. According to ITV, the star cast caused an unusual level of excitement in Dorset as anxious fans flocked to the film locations, including Swanage and Weymouth Harbor to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars.

Harry’s fans are used to seeing the heartthrob in skinny jeans and a blazer, but the singer-turned-actor has learned to get into the skin of his character efficiently. In fact, a video from the WWII era that is circulating around the internet shows a WWII pilot who hauntingly looks similar to Harry Styles.

The similarity between Harry and the WWII pilot is so striking that even Anne Twist, Harry’s mother, wasn’t able to make out the difference between a man from the 1940s and her own son. According to Sugarscape, the video is so bizarre that it has left fans wondering whether their favorite singer could even be a time-traveler from the past.

Meanwhile, a very busy Harry Styles took time off from his busy shooting schedule to enjoy dinner with his friends in north London. According to the Daily Mail, Harry Styles wore his usual casual attire consisting of a t-shirt, skinny jeans, and Chelsea boots to visit an Indian restaurant along with two of his friends.

And it seems that the star singer might have hurt himself during the filming of Dunkirk as he was spotted with a bandage on his right wrist. However, his possibly-injured wrist did not stop Harry from enjoying the dinner with his friends. Despite his injury, Harry appeared to be enjoying the dinner party on his home turf as he had spent a considerable amount of time away in France and the Netherlands for the filming of Dunkirk.

Harry also took the time to commemorate the formation of One Direction by thanking his fans on social media on the sixth anniversary of One Direction’s formation. Harry Styles shot to fame after he appeared on X-Factor UK along with four other contestants who would later become his band members. Even though Harry Styles and other band members appeared as solo contestants on X-Factor, the judges of the show grouped the solo performers together to create what would become the phenomenon known as One Direction.

Although the band hasn’t officially disbanded (with the exception of Zayn Malik, who famously and permanently left the group in March, 2015), Harry Styles and the other members of One Direction are taking the opportunity to pursue their own solo projects and explore their own creative side outside the dynamics of the group. Recently, Harry Styles signed a contract with Columbia Records as a solo artist.

According to Just Jared, Harry tweeted his thanks to his massive fan following who supported him in his quest to become a superstar.

Mark Rylance, Harry’s co-star in Dunkirk, was all praise for Harry’s acting skill. The Oscar-winning actor also suggested that Harry did not require any acting tips as he was a gifted actor. According to the Daily Mail, Mark not only appreciated Harry for being witty and funny, but he also compared him to Sean Penn, as someone who expresses a confident demeanor, and who lives life as if it’s always going to be easy.

“He seems remarkable… one of those people who has – Sean Penn has it too – a kind of panache. I look at them and think, ‘How did you get that? How do you get so that life is easy?'”

[Composite image containing photos by KGC-49-182/STAR MAX/IPx/AP]