‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’ Tiarra Pregnant, Baby Daddy Not Scrapp Deleon, Its J Nicks?

In the last episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Tiarra revealed that she is pregnant but did not reveal the father. The two most potential baby daddies are Scrapp Deleon, who is currently in prison, and J Nicks.

In a follow-up interview with VH1, LHHATL star Tiarra spoke about her pregnancy, due date and the baby’s name. She is expecting to give birth on January 12, 2017, and she has been pregnant for just over three months.

The baby’s name is a major hint that J Nicks is the father, but only if you know he real name. Tiarra told VH1 what gender the father wants and revealed the baby name.

“[The baby’s father] wants a girl, he wants to name her Brya Denver Shaw,” stated Tiarra.

So how does this prove that J Nicks is her baby daddy? Well, his real name is Brian Shaw, according to EmpireBooBooKitty.

According to his Twitter, he is very fond of his daughter; therefore, it will make sense that he will want another one.

The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion show may confirm that J Nicks is Tiarra’s baby daddy, but for now, the name slip is confirmation enough.

Another hint is that Scrapp Deleon, whose real name is William Cortez Robinson, may have been in jail when the baby was conceived.

J Nicks also shared a video of partying with Tiarra (Tia Becca) about a month ago, which shows that they may still be in a relationship.

Tiarra talked to VH1 about her pregnancy and how she feels.

“I still get sick every day. I barely eat. The doctor is worried because I only like ice water and crunching ice makes me feel better. I’ve lost 8 pounds and so the sickness is really zapping all my energy.”

Her baby bump is barely showing in her recent Instagram pictures and she explains why during her interview.

“I usually hide my belly or suck it in [for photos.] I am still doing appearances so I don’t want people to see the little budge at the bottom.”

Tiarra is the mother of Scrapp’s adorable son King who was featured during this season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. She has three other children and her recent pregnancy will be her fifth child.

During the season, Scrapp was attempting to maintain his relationship with Tommie and Tiarra; however, he may have potentially lost both. He also briefly dated Karlie Redd.

Tiarra managed to mend her relationship Karen “KK” King who is Scrapp’s mother and King’s grandmother.

There is no telling how this new child will affect their relationship and that may be revealed in the reunion.

Recent reports suggest that Scrapp Deleon will be released early and may be able to shoot scenes in Season 6 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

Scrapp Deleon was placed in maximum security prison, which is usually reserved for violent offenders. However, his brother SAS revealed that he was put there for his own protection, since LHHATL is very popular in prisons.

“[Love and Hip Hop Atlanta] the main show that they like to watch in the jails and in the prisons. I’ve gotten a couple of calls from people in jail and prison I haven’t talked to in years reached out to me like, ‘y’all got everybody in here watching y’all on TV!'”

Tommie revealed that she still loves him while she talked about her struggles with alcohol abuse. Lyfe Jennings and Karlie seem to be over, so Scrapp will have several options when he gets back.

Unless there is another man in Tiarra’s life, there is almost no doubt that J Nicks is the father.

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[Image via Tiarra Monet Instagram]