Fifth Harmony Star Ally Brooke Injured During Concert [Video]

Fifth Harmony star Ally Brooke found herself injured on stage during a recent concert.

According to iHeartRadio, Ally suffered a pretty painful injury to her foot during Fifth Harmony’s “7/27 Tour” stop at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion in Boston, Massachusetts on July 28, where a number of fans captured footage of the girlbander limping and unable to put her foot down during the show.

It’s not clear exactly how Ally suffered the injury that affected her left foot or ankle, though fan-captured video shows Brooke keeping things incredibly professional and continuing to dance and sing alongside her bandmates.

Fifth Harmony fan @kindlmj took to Twitter to share footage of Ally continuing to put on a pretty epic show alongside her fellow Fifth Harmony girls, gritting her teeth despite being unable to put her foot fully down on the Boston stage due to her injury.


“You can see how much pain she is in but she just keeps going I LOVE HER,” the Twitter user captioned the 17-second clip from Fifth Harmony’s Boston show, which showed Ally walking on her heel across the stage.

After footage of Ally limping during the show surfaced on social media, a slew of Fifth Harmony fans took to Twitter to wish the star well, sending get well messages to Ally alongside the hashtag #GetWellSoonAlly.

“We’re worried, we’re praying for you! Please, get better soon! We love you so much. #GetWellSoonAlly,” Twitter user @ProjetoF5H tweeted out, while Fifth Harmony fan @Mafia5Harmony wrote on the social media site, “Hey Sunshine, we hope you get well soon. We Love U. We are sending prayer and love to you. #GetWellSoonAlly.”

“Your smile brightens up my day. I [love] you for you & I hope you have a speedy recovery #GetWellSoonAlly,” @CRAZDHARMONIZER added, and @Kordeidepilada told the Fifth Harmony singer, “#GetWellSoonAlly i love you baby girl, wish you get better soon, your [happiness] means too much for me @AllyBrooke.”

Fifth Harmony Star Ally Brooke Injured During Concert [Video]
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Other Fifth Harmony fans opted to use the heartfelt hashtag to praise Ally Brooke for pushing through the pain of her foot injury to continue on with the show.

“She pushed through the pain and did the concert. She gave everyone the best experience possible. What a sunshine. #GetWellSoonAlly,” Twitter fan @tmhcamila wrote of the Fifth Harmony star, and social media user @DontGetFckedUp wrote, “No but [for real] shout out to ms @AllyBrooke for continuing with the show while in pain for the fans #GetwellsoonAlly #ThankyouAlly #727TourBoston.”

Ally is yet to reveal exactly what caused her pretty painful injury, though the Fifth Harmony star did take to Twitter after the show to tell fans that she was doing okay after the hashtag #GetWellSoonAlly began to trend on Twitter.

“BOSTON!!!! Tonight you were incredible. Such a loud and fun crowd. It really was beautiful,” Ally told her more than 1.7 million Twitter followers just hours after Fifth Harmony’s Boston show ended. “And you are also the sweetest because I see y’all trended #GetWellSoonAlly,” Ally continued.”Thank you so much.”

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Ally then went on to reveal that she was doing okay after getting her injury checked by paramedics following the show, which was just the second in Fifth Harmony’s U.S. leg of their “7/27 Tour.”

“My foot was in major pain but I got checked out and I should be fine for tomorrow,” Ally assured Fifth Harmony fans, alluding to the girl’s July 29 show at EagleBank Arena in Fairfax, Virginia. “I LOVE YOU.”

Ally later confirmed that she was front and center for Fifth Harmony’s Farifax show the following night, taking to Twitter once again on July 29 to thanks fans who attended the show.

“FAIRFAX! You were just wow. Mmm thank you for all of the love!” Ally wrote.

What do you think of Ally Brooke continuing on with Fifth Harmony’s show despite her painful foot injury?

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