WWE News: Heath Slater Is Ready For A Real Push In WWE

After the WWE Draft, there was only one man that was left on the board. Heath Slater wasn’t drafted to Raw or SmackDown, and The Social Outcasts were broken up due to Slater being the only man on WWE’s active roster without a brand. However, that could potentially be a great opportunity for him in the long-term.

According to a report from RingSideNews.com, Heath Slater is being identified as a “free agent” on WWE programming for the foreseeable future. There are many creative storyline opportunities for Slater in this role. It has been rumored that he’ll be working EVOLVE events or other shows on the independent scene, but based on his appearance during SmackDown this week, WWE will use him in an all too familiar role.

Heath Slater initially gained recognition as an entertaining WWE superstar during his “One Man Band” gimmick, which is remembered for a brief period of time where he had some matches against former WWE legends to promote WWE’s one-thousandth episode of Monday Night Raw back in 2012.

Since then, Slater has been involved in a few stables, including 3MB and The Social Outcasts to add to his resume along with The Original Nexus and The Corre. He was able to become a three-time WWE Tag Team Champion during that time, but many would argue that Heath Slater has been drastically misused on WWE programming. It could be the right time for Heath Slater to get a legitimate push as a singles star in WWE.

The Social Outcasts Make Their Way to the Ring [Image via WWE.com]On SmackDown, Heath Slater presented a surprisingly good case for himself. In one promo, he was able to explain why he has been undervalued and is deserving of better booking by WWE. Slater had made a solid argument before he took a “Gore” from the returning Rhyno, which was the original point of the segment.

It’s possible that WWE is planning to utilize him the same way they have in the past as an enhancement talent for other WWE superstars. Few are better than him in that role, which is why it made sense for him to be the butt of the joke during Rhyno’s WWE return on SmackDown.

If WWE officials are planning for more former WWE superstars to return to television, Rhyno getting the better of Heath could be the first segment of its kind where Slater continues to put over returning WWE superstars over the next few weeks. However, that could prove to be a great way to bring back a few older superstars from the past, but it would be underutilizing Heath Slater’s potential to breakout in this role.

Heath Slater Cuts a Promo on Raw [Image via WWE.com]The fact is that Heath Slater has been given little to work with as a performer, but he’s been able to do so much with so little. During his promo on SmackDown, Slater was telling the truth. If he were given the opportunities to become a bigger star for WWE, he would succeed because his resume speaks for itself.

Not many within the WWE Universe are looking at Heath Slater and thinking WWE Champion. That’s okay, but continuing to be a good tag team wrestler or even a midcard champion in WWE isn’t out of the realm of possibility if WWE officials were to give him a more legitimate push for him to evolve as a character.

During a segment that was designed to be the return of Rhyno, Heath Slater almost stole the moment and proved that he is capable of accomplishing much more in WWE than being just an enhancement talent for former WWE superstars and legends.

There is a lot of untapped potential in Heath Slater, and WWE may have unintentionally put him in the perfect position to break out of a one-dimensional role. He just needs a real shot to prove that Heath Slater can be more than a stepping stone in WWE.

[Image via WWE.com]