[UPDATE] Powerball Jackpot Fifth Highest Ever: Powerball Grows To $478 Million

The Powerball jackpot is up to $478 million and is the fifth highest that it’s ever been in the history of the Powerball. Not only that, but the Powerball jackpot is the eighth highest of all jackpots ever in the United States. If you are going to play to win big, right now would be a good time to jump on the bandwagon.

According to Reuters, the last Powerball jackpot winning was on May 7 when a person from New Jersey matched all six numbers, winning $429.6 million.

The largest Powerball in history was worth $1.5 billion, which was sold in January and split among three jackpot winners in California, Florida, and Tennessee.

The highest ever lottery jackpot was worth 1.5 billion dollars [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]Where does your state rank with Powerball jackpot winnings? According to Portal Seven, if you live in Pennsylvania, you will be happy to know that your state has had the most Powerball winning tickets in the United States with 16 winners recorded.

Florida is the next state in line of Powerball winners ranking with 12 winning Powerball tickets sold. Indiana and Missouri tie for third in the Powerball winning tickets ranking with 11 Powerball winners each.

ABC7 shares a list of the top 10 lottery winnings in the United States.

10. South Carolina ticket holder wins $399.4 million on the Powerball

9. Maryland and Florida ticket holders split $414 million jackpot on the Mega Millions

8. California ticket holder wins $425.4 million jackpot on the Powerball

7. Two New Jersey ticket holders and one Minnesota ticket holder win $448.4 million on the Powerball

6. Puerto Rico, Texas, and North Carolina ticket holders split $564.1 million on the Powerball

5. Missouri and Arizona ticket holders win $587.5 million on the Powerball

4. A lucky Florida ticket holder wins $590.5 million on the Powerball

3. Georgia and California ticket holders split $648 million on the Mega Millions

2. Kansas, Maryland, and Illinois ticket holders split $656 million on the Mega Millions

And the top winning amount in the United States jackpot history was $1.586 billion on the Powerball split between Florida, California, and Tennessee ticket holders.

How would you feel if you just won $478 million dollars on the Powerball? Some past Powerball winners speak up about their overwhelming experience.

A Tennessee couple, John and Lisa Robinson, who split the $1.5 billion Powerball lottery jackpot, spoke to TODAY about how it felt to win $528 million.

“It’s been an overwhelming experience, and I think my husband and I finally realized the impact.”

Mark Vester, an Indiana man who won a $1 million Powerball lottery ticket, says he woke up to a nice surprise the morning after the Powerball drawing that changed his life. Mark said that the morning after the drawing came, he received a text from his daughter, which informed him that someone had won the $1 million Powerball jackpot from the local gas station that Mark regularly gets coffee from.

When he looked at his Powerball ticket and realized that he was the winner, he was so nervous that his daughter had to drive him to claim his prize. Mark said that he plans on using the money to spoil his three kids and nine grandchildren, and of course, go somewhere warm!

Tonight’s $478 million Powerball drawing will take place between 11:00 p.m. and 11:25 p.m. You can watch the live drawing on a number of local channels. The cut-off to purchase a Powerball lottery ticket is 9:59 p.m., so if you missed tonight’s deadline, remember that there is another Powerball drawing on Wednesday. If a winning Powerball ticket isn’t drawn tonight, the jackpot will continue to rise.

Powerball reaches a whopping $478 million [Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images]Stay tuned for an update with tonight’s Powerball winning numbers, as well as for information on the standings of the Powerball. Could you be tonight’s lucky Powerball winner?

Good luck to all of you who decided to play tonight’s Powerball.


A ticket holder in New Hampshire is the winner of the $478 million Powerball jackpot. The winning numbers are as follows:

11 17 21 23 32

The Powerball number is 05 and the Power play is 02.

Congratulations to the winning ticket holder in New Hampshire!

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