Poll: Donald Trump's Opposition Stronger Than His Support, One In Three Critics Say Nothing Will Change Mind

Opposition to President Donald Trump is so strong a new poll finds that of those disapproving of him, one in three voters insist "there is almost nothing he can do to win their support."

The Public Religion Institute survey reports that's more than two times more than the 15 percent of voters who agreed "there is almost nothing he can do to lose their support."

In addition, 26 percent of those who responded they now support Trump admitted they could change their mind.

Researchers noted the president's dwindling popularity has sparked debate about just how low his "floor" might be, particularly given that several other recent polls also found that the number of voters still willing to support him essentially without question was also closely pegged in the vicinity of just 15 percent.

In the PRI poll, levels of support for Trump varied sharply based on demographics. With 60 percent of them insisting there is almost nothing he can do to change their outlook, black Americans staunchly opposed the president. Researchers noted another 26 percent of blacks also identified as "weak" Trump opponents, meaning they currently disapprove of Trump.

Women are another group that seemingly do not consider themselves to be fans of the president. Slightly more than two in five, or 41 percent of female respondents, identified as strong Trump opponents, compared with just 24 percent of men.

Conversely, some of Trump's strongest support still comes from white evangelical Protestants, 30 percent of whom say they support him and probably won't change their minds. Among whites without college degrees, strong support for Trump also remains firm at 24 percent.


Even as Republicans overwhelmingly remained aligned with Trump, with 84 percent approving of his job performance, that support does not appear unbreakable. In all, well over half, or 50 percent of that demographic, admitted he could do something that could cause their support to waver.

Pollsters also found that two in five respondents, or 40 percent, support the full-fledged idea of impeachment of the president. That number is in keeping with where voters polled on that question the last time it was posed in the same survey roughly four months ago.

As for the Republican tax plan now being muscled through Congress with Trump's backing, pollsters found only 15 percent of Americans believe the proposed policy will help them a lot, while 48 percent dread it will be of no assistance at all to them and their families.