Bill Maher Shuts Down ‘Bernie Or Bust’ Supporters Once And For All

Bill Maher was one of Bernie Sanders’ most ardent supporters during the primary, even having the Vermont senator on his HBO talk show and formally endorsing him.

And while the liberal comedian and political pundit is still a supporter of the man, he’s about had it with a certain section of his voters.

The so-called “Bernie Or Bust” movement, which has picked up steam in the wake of the Democratic National Convention (DNC), is putting Hillary Clinton’s presidential hopes at risk, and Bill Maher is having none of it.

On a recent special edition following Hillary’s historic speech, Maher made fun of the “Bernie Bros” for “living in their parents’ basement.”

While he verbally praised Bernie for “pushing Hillary to the left” on issues, he had a pointed message for supporters who refuse to vote for her.

Bill Maher, during his closing segment, addressed Bernie supporters directly with an image of some wearing “Silenced” tape over their mouths.

“New rule,” Maher began. “You can’t claim to be silenced if you won’t shut the hell up. I love Bernie, too, but the battle was fought. Only one Democrat could win, and it’s time to get behind the idea that Bernie and Hillary have a common enemy — osteoporosis.”

That punchline drew a laugh, but Maher followed it up by clarifying “and also Donald Trump.”


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Most of the Thursday night special edition centered on Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech, and while Bill Maher was very much in favor of Clinton, he did return to some of his familiar criticisms of her, calling her “the boring candidate.”

He also said of Bill and Hillary that “the Clintons are never first” when it comes to getting on the right side of an issue — a veiled reference to Hillary’s flip-flop on TPP and gay marriage — but rather, they “triangulate” around an issue and wait for others to bring it to national attention.

That’s where Bernie Sanders really came in handy this election cycle, he said.

Also, it would not have been a Real Time with Bill Maher episode if the funnyman had laid off the GOP frontrunner.

Maher hit Trump hard for his “doom and gloom” messages during the RNC speech accepting the Republican nomination.

He also jeered the GOP for not believing in climate change and for falling for the Trump act, closing the show with the comment, “This man is not a real Republican” while displaying an image of Trump to viewers.

Despite the frequent jabs that Bill Maher takes at “the Orange one,” he is very much aware of the possibility of a Trump presidency as evidenced in a recent segment during the RNC that involved documentary filmmaker Michael Moore.

Moore gravely told those sitting at the table with him that he thought Trump would win the election come November.

The admission made national headlines, in part because it was Moore, but also because Bill Maher wholeheartedly agreed that there was a strong possibility of it.

Maher urged Democrats to tell themselves that every day and to be fearful.

Trump currently leads Hillary Clinton by less than a percentage point, according to the latest polling from Real Clear Politics.

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