Jaden Smith Reportedly Tried To Drink Booze (Legally) With His Dad On His 18th Birthday [Video]

Apparently, Jaden Smith used some teenage wiles to try to con his superstar dad Will Smith into being his drinking buddy on his recent 18th birthday. Jaden turned 18 on July 8, and he reportedly called his famous family to join him in London for the big event. Jaden Smith was across the pond promoting his new Netflix series The Get Down, which premieres on August 12.


According to an Essence report, when Jaden’s famous folks showed up to celebrate his newly attained adulthood, the heir to Hollywood royalty rang in his 18th birthday with some fine dining at a London restaurant. It was there that Will Smith discovered that Jaden may have invited the family to England because he had bigger plans than a birthday dinner.

Will Smith recounted his version of his son’s clever conniving during Thursday’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Will says son Jaden Smith was super excited as the family sat down for their birthday dining celebration, way more excited than usual. And it didn’t take Will Smith, who was on Fallon’s show to promote his new flick Suicide Squad, to figure out what the newly adult Jaden had up his sleeve.

“We sit down at the restaurant and he looks at the waiter and he says, ‘I’ll have a tequila’ and I said ‘Whoa, whoa, son. Hold up, what are you doing?’ and he says, ‘The drinking age is eighteen in England, dad.’

According to Will, a man used to dealing with Jaden Smith’s wise-beyond-his-years machinations, he had a quick response for his son.

“I said, ‘Oh, but hold on, hold on, hold on. It’s only noon in L.A., and you weren’t born ’til 4, so you’re not 18 yet.”


No word on whether or not Jaden Smith was actually served the tequila he ordered (although there would be absolutely no reason for the 18-year-old to be denied booze in London), or whether or not he did some birthday drinking with and/or next to his famous dad.


As Vanity Fair reports, it’s arguable that Will Smith should have realized that Jaden Smith was up to something when he invited his immediate family to London for a rare Smith family vacation. Jaden has a habit of liking to mess with people’s heads. He spends a lot of time cryptically tweeting, and if an interview he gave to GQ at the end of last year still holds true, Jaden likes to say and do weird and/or perplexing things just to see if he can get a rise out of whoever he’s interacting with.


Since Will Smith has most likely been on the receiving end of Jaden Smith’s considerable antics for over 18 years now, it’s possible that Will should lose some points for not guessing that his son had an ulterior motive for the family birthday dinner a little bit sooner.

All in all, Jaden Smith has had a pretty productive transition to adulthood. From meeting up with his family in a posh London restaurant, to being one of the reigning kings of social media, to dropping (or leaking, depending on the story) a new single, Jaden Smith has had a lot on his plate recently.


The bomb dropped by Will Smith about Jaden’s birthday boozing attempt isn’t the first indication that Jaden had a good time when he finally turned 18. According to multiple reports, Jaden Smith was seen hanging out with an attractive brunette as he celebrated his birthday in England. There were even some rumors that he may have been trysting a little bit as he partied on the other side of the Atlantic. Those rumors were quickly put to rest, however, when Jaden Smith was spotted in California dining with his long-time lady love Sarah Snyder just a couple of days later.

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