‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: New HOH Nominations For ‘BB18’ Eviction

Big Brother 18 spoilers from Friday (July 29) now include the new HOH nominations. The BB18 house has a newly appointed Head of Household and he was tasked with announcing his eviction nominees. A previous report by the Inquisitr revealed how the HOH competition played out following the July 28 episode. Paul Abrahamian ended up winning the power for the week, becoming the HOH for the first time this summer. There was chatter about some of the houseguests planning to throw it so he would win it, but Paul got frustrated when some people tried to beat him.

A number of discussions took place about who Paul Abrahamian should nominate for eviction. A report from fan site Joker’s Updates broke down a proposal that Paulie Calafiore had to get Da’Vonne Rogers out of the BB18 house. He rallied Victor Arroyo, Corey Brooks, and James Huling to put this plan into action. At first, Paul was very resistant to this new plan, but Paulie wore him down over the span of several conversations.

The plan that really started to evolve, was to use a “backdoor” strategy on Da’Vonne, keeping her safe and unable to play in the Veto competition for the time being. The plan would then be to use her as the re-nom should the Veto fall in a way that benefited this new alliance. These conversations indeed led to some notable Big Brother 18 spoilers late on Friday evening (July 28).

Paul Abrahamian nominated Paulie Calafiore and Bridgette Dunning for eviction. A report from fan site Hamsterwatch confirmed that this was part of the main plan for the week. Paulie is on the block as a pawn, as he was one of several houseguests to actually fight to be placed on the block next to Bridgette. It’s an odd game move for someone to put themselves in the crossfire at this point of the summer, but Paulie basically feels immune from anything negative in the BB18 house.

The plan, moving forward, comes in two parts. The primary target for the week is going to be Da’Vonne Rogers, but many houseguests are being led to believe that Bridgette Dunning is the real target. The first stage of the plan is for someone other than Bridgette to win the Veto competition. Then Da’Vonne would become the replacement nominee and likely get evicted through a “backdoor” plan. If Da’Vonne is able to secure safety by winning the Veto, then the BB18 house would simply choose to send Bridgette out the door next.

There is going to be a lot of maneuvering over the next few days, suggesting that many more Big Brother 18 spoilers await the fans of the show. A lot of lies will likely get used on Da’Vonne, especially from Paul, who will want to keep his primary plan a secret until the last minute. Can he really pull off a bold move like this to get one of the veterans evicted? Or will Paul simply go with the easy game move to get Bridgette Dunning out of the BB18 house this week?

The next episode of the show will air on Sunday, July 31, at 8 p.m. PT/ET. This is where the end of the Head of Household competition will be shown to viewers, as well as the Week 6 nominations for eviction. The Veto competition will take place on Saturday, July 30, with most of the BB18 house knowing how important it will be to keep Bridgette Dunning from winning safety. If Bridgette can win the Power of Veto, she will help create a lot of additional Big Brother 18 spoilers for the next week.

[Photo by CBS Big Brother/Twitter]