PlayStation Plus Service Coming To Vita Later This Year

Sony’s premium PlayStation Plus has been a pretty big success on the PlayStation 3 so far, and now the company is looking to expand the service to its PlayStation Vita handheld this November.

If you already have a PlayStation Plus membership, good news: Sony confirmed that your PlayStation 3’s Plus subscription will transfer over to the PlayStation Vita, meaning you won’t have to pay for two separate premium services. Likewise, those of you who sign up on the PS Vita will have access to the PlayStation 3 bonuses as well.

It’s not really any different than it is on the PS3, but here’s what you’ll be able to receive out of your PlayStation Plus subscription on the PS Vita as per the PlayStation Blog:

Instant Game Collection: Unlimited access to a regularly refreshed selection of the full versions of games as long as your membership is active.
Discounts: Take advantage of exclusive discounts on games and DLC for your PS Vita.
Online Game Storage: An additional 1GB of online storage for game saves for PS Vita games and downloaded content.
Automatic Updates: PS Vita will automatically start up at a designated time to download and install select game demos and game updates as well as system software updates and start standby mode upon completion.
Automatic Trophy sync: Trophy information will be synched to PSN servers automatically via the PS Vita.

Come November, PlayStation Plus will be available on the Vita for $17.99 for three months or, if you prefer, $49.99 for a whole year.