Jealous Woman’s Bomb Hoax To Keep Husband From Cheating Leads To Jail Time

A jealous woman instigated a bomb hoax to keep her husband from cheating, and now she faces jail time. Security was tightened around the Geneva airport on the French-Swiss border, causing traffic and chaos throughout the area. The Geneva prosecutor’s office gave a statement.

“Yesterday in the evening, a woman called Swiss customs at Geneva airport. She said that today a person carrying a bomb would be in the French sector of the airport.”

The woman said there would be a woman with two children and a bomb. Swiss authorities were able to trace the number to Annecy in France, about 28 miles from Geneva, Reuters reported. French police responded to the address and raided the home. They found a woman who admitted to having called in the bomb threat to keep her husband from leaving with his mistress. The Geneva Tribune reports she also admitted that the woman she had referred to in her bomb threat was her husband’s mistress who would be leaving with her husband and their two children. Now, the jealous wife faces criminal charges in both France and Switzerland.


The unidentified woman’s actions caused French and Swiss police to step up security on a massive level at Geneva’s Cointrin airport. Authorities from both countries became involved since the airport sits right on the border. Officers armed with machine guns were posted throughout and surrounding the airport. They stopped vehicles on approaching roads to check everyone’s papers, causing significant delays to those needing to check in. Most entrances to the airport remained closed throughout the ordeal. A few select entrances remained open where heavily armed police stood by to carefully check identity documents. Airport officials reported that the airport was opening and functioning normally, even with the delays. Airport spokesman Bertrand Staempfli suggested passengers leave early because of the extra security precautions, but said there would be no major problems with access. A Geneva canton police spokeswoman gave a statement before the alert was lifted.

“We have received information that is serious enough to put in place preventative controls here at Geneva airport. We cannot give details of staffing numbers, nor on the information we have received, for obvious reasons of security.”

When police were able to track the woman down, they determined the bomb threat to be a hoax. The woman admitted to calling in the bomb threat. She has been married for 22 years, and admitted in a French court on Thursday that she had called in the false bomb threat to keep her husband from getting on a plane to visit his mistress. She said she “didn’t think about the consequences” of calling in a false bomb threat, says a report from Fox News. Her husband was at the trial with two of the couple’s children and denied he was having an affair. There is no word if the two have separated or reconciled in light of the light of the jealous woman’s dangerous hoax.


Security has been intensified on both the Swiss and French sides in response to the bomb hoax event. France is already on very high alert after recent Islamist terror attacks, including an attack at a Catholic church. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a Catholic priest was brutally murdered during mass in front of witnesses on Tuesday.

A six-month prison sentence was recommended for the jealous woman by prosecutor Eric Maillaud, who alleged her false bomb hoax cost the airport and local police hundreds of thousands of euros as well as inconveniencing about 13,000 travelers that day. The court ended up ruling that the jealous woman’s bomb hoax to keep her husband from cheating will lead to her serving at least three months in prison.

[Photo by Salvatore Di Nolfi/AP Images]