‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Stevie J Still Denies Paternity In Joseline Hernandez’s Pregnancy — Is Yung Dro The Father?

It’s starting to look like Joseline Hernandez didn’t lie about being pregnant despite her history of telling some pretty outrageous stories. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star was seen in another Instagram post with her trainer, and her baby belly is starting to get bigger. Stevie J still denies that he is the father, making fans wonder who the baby daddy might be. A recent clue dropped by Yung Dro has a few people guessing that the baby might be his, but only time and paternity tests will tell the whole truth.

Joseline’s trainer has been working hard to stop the rumors that she is lying about being pregnant. On Thursday, Jason Lobdell posted another picture of himself and Hernandez as they worked out in the street. Again, the LHHATL star was wearing a sports bra and leggings with her stomach visibly sticking out.

Although previous pictures looked like the Puerto Rican princess may have just been sticking her belly out, based on this current photo, her pregnancy is getting increasingly hard to deny.

Speaking of denying the pregnancy, Stevie J still claims that the baby isn’t his. Where previously, Joseline’s former fake husband made it clear that he wasn’t convinced there was a baby at all, now he has said that he can’t be the father.

Instead, there are rumors that Yung Dro might be the lucky (cough,cough) daddy. Based on a clue that Dro dropped during a recent interview on Streets 94.5, VH1 is suggesting that he might be the father of Joseline’s unborn baby.

Basically, during the show, Yung Dro was asked about the drama between Joseline and Stevie J on Season 5 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. The rapper was careful not to say anything too crazy and even described Joseline as “a great girl,” adding, “We got nice music together and I look forward to having an album with her.”

Dro started his own baby rumors when he said, “Shout out to Joseline and the baby.” As far as the paternity of Joseline Hernandez’s baby goes, Yung Dro suddenly went silent with a “no comment.” That didn’t stop the rumors that it might actually be him. Based on a timeline of when he and Joseline started working together, it’s very likely that they were doing more than just working on music when they were together.

Suggestions that Yung Dro is the father of Joseline Hernandez’s baby has to come as a relief to Stevie J. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star recently filed a restraining order against Hernandez. Their nasty feud came to a head when Joseline claimed that Stevie J had molested his own daughter Eva and that she would never let him see her baby.

While Joseline has been quiet lately about who may be the father of her child, she has said a few times on social media that Stevie J is the baby daddy. Of course, she’s also been torturing her LHHATL co-star for weeks with accusations that he likes to watch gay adult films among other claims that Stevie flat out ignored. Even when Joseline offered up lie detector evidence, no one really seemed to care just how freaky Stevie might be. Especially since fans of the show already know that he’s pretty out there and has taken part in some shocking threesomes with Joseline herself.

Do you think that Yung Dro is the real father of Joseline Hernandez’s baby? With the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 reunion coming up, fans are hoping she’ll give more pregnancy details and maybe even clear up the paternity rumors.

[Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images]