Michael Jackson’s Nephews Suing ‘Radar Online’ For $100m Over Sexual Abuse Allegations

Michael Jackson’s nephews, Taj, TJ, and Taryll Jackson, are suing Radar Online for $100 million over published stories alleging they were sexually abused and bribed by their King of Pop uncle.

The three men filed the $100 million libel lawsuit on Wednesday after the celebrity gossip website published multiple stories during June about Michael Jackson. The stories stated that the King of Pop stockpiled “images of pornography, animal torture, S&M and gore in a bid to seduce innocent young boys,” and that this stockpile was discovered in a police search of his Neverland ranch home back in 2003.

In one of the articles, the celebrity rumor website said, “The detectives’ report cites Michael even used sexy photos of his own nephews, who were in the band 3T, in their underwear to excite young boys,” referring to Taj, TJ, and Taryll.

Entertainment lawyer Bert Fields is representing the Jacksons and wrote in the libel suit, “Radar has tried to profit by launching a vicious and unrelenting attack on [Jackson] based on claims that, years ago, he was guilty of sexual abuse, even though, at the time, he was found ‘not guilty’ of that very charge.”

Fields continued by stating that Radar Online represents its “reports” as being “new” and based on official “detective reports.” However, he says that not only have the detective reports been available to the public for many years, Radar Online has misrepresented what the reports actually say.

In related news on the Inquisitr:

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, the suit claims the stories are false and defamatory and has led to similar reports about Jackson and his nephews being published by other media outlets, which damages Taj, TJ, and Taryll Jackson “personally and professionally.”

According to family members, the “sexy” photos of the brothers were from an album shoot, and they deny the images were used to “excite young boys” or that the family was bribed to keep quiet about it. It was back in 1995 that the photos were taken, when the band’s first album, Brotherhood, came out.

The three Jackson brothers are the sons of Michael Jackson’s brother, Tito, a member of the Jackson Five. Reportedly Taj, TJ, and Taryll were the subject of a Lifetime documentary series last year.

Fields wrote in the complaint, “None of them was ever sexually abused by Michael Jackson or ever had any sort of sexual contact with him.”

“None of plaintiffs ever, in any way, resisted any effort by detectives to inquire about Michael Jackson’s supposed criminal conduct.”

The Jackson family requested the stories be corrected by Radar Online but were denied, according to the suit.

For their part, American Media Inc., the owners of Radar Online, have said the article does not accuse Michael Jackson of molesting his nephews. They state it also does not accuse the Jackson nephews of accepting a bribe.

The Guardian quotes their spokesman as saying, “The Radar article clearly states that detectives reported that Michael Jackson may have used photos of his nephews ‘to excite young boys’. This theory was, in fact, presented by the prosecution during Michael Jackson’s 2005 criminal trial.”

“Radar looks forward to correcting plaintiffs’ misstatements in a court of law,” the statement continued.

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