Farrah Abraham’s Dad Huge Bankruptcy Revealed: Past Debt Over $100K Revealed

Farrah Abraham has had her fair share of drama over the years and now, it turns out, information is coming out about a huge bankruptcy her dad filed back in 2011. For some reason, Farrah has been able to keep this all a secret up until now.

Radar Online shared the details about her dad Michael Abraham’s bankruptcy and what went down. Farrah claims to be very successful and rich, but that doesn’t mean that she would help dad out with his money issues. Farrah wasn’t part of the problem at all, and it was her dad not taking care of his issues like he should have done.


This bankruptcy happened back in 2011, which is two years after Farrah Abraham started on reality television. U.S. District Court documents share all of the details of Michael Abraham’s bankruptcy. At the time, he shared that he only had $5 cash and $50 in his bank account.

At the time, Farrah’s dad was earning $1,000 a month for unemployment and didn’t have a job at all. He also owed $115,000 in debt. Farrah’s dad had to go through complete credit counseling and financial management courses when this was all said and done. It was obvious that any money that Michael Abraham had coming in at the time was going straight to bills and the fact that he didn’t have a job was a huge problem.

Nobody knows exactly why Farrah Abraham didn’t help her dad out with the money he needed for his debt, but that was her decision. He was not the one who earned the money, so it was up to Farrah if she wanted to share it or not. This was all dismissed and hopefully, things are going better for him now. Farrah’s mom has been seen asking her for money before on the show.


Us Magazine shared that this season on Teen Mom OG, fans will get to see Farrah have relationship problems, and it should be an interesting season. Farrah will be trying to work things out with Simon Saran, and she is seen running out of a therapy session upset.

Farrah’s daughter Sophia is also a bit confused on how things are going for her mom in her relationship. She is seen saying, “Mama, are you in love with Simon? Are you? Is Simon your boyfriend? Kind of?” Sophia has become a bit attached to Simon over the time they have been together. Farrah Abraham and Simon just can’t seem to decide if they are going to be together or not right now.

As Us Magazine shared, there has been some talk about Farrah Abraham possibly leaving reality television and moving on with her life. She recently got into a fight with producers, and Farrah shared her thoughts to Dr. Drew about it. She said, “I don’t really feel that any person who is an elder that I am working with should antagonize me and fight with me and not communicate appropriately. I think things got heightened and out of control.”

Farrah said that they were actually getting along now and she didn’t have plans to leave. She shared the details saying, “I would love to continue Teen Mom. I would love to do that. I don’t care to touch people, but I don’t care to have someone egg me on, yell at me, in my yard.”

Are you shocked to hear that Farrah Abraham’s dad Michael filed for bankruptcy back in 2011? Do you feel like Farrah should have helped her dad out? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss Farrah on new episodes of Teen Mom OG. The new season will start airing on MTV on August 22.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]