Lindsay Lohan Arrested On Suspicion Of Leaving The Scene Of An Accident

Lindsay Lohan was arrested early Wednesday morning after she allegedly swiped a pedestrian with her car and then left the scene of the accident. A New York City Police Department representative stated the actress and two friends rode in a black Porsche SUV to the Dream Hotel. LiLo was reportedly driving the vehicle when the group arrived at the downtown Manhattan hot spot around 1 am, according to E! Online.

While pulling into the Dream Hotel, the 26-year-old movie star is accused of clipping a man with the Porsche SUV. After the alleged accident, Lohan and her gal pals reportedly went on inside the venue to have a bit of fun. The man in his 30s was transported to a nearby hospital for a supposed injury to his leg.

A 911 call alerting the NPYD to the accident prompted officers to quickly travel downtown and wait outside the Dream Hotel for Lindsay Lohan. When she left the popular Manhattan venue around 2:25 am, she was arrested on suspicion of leaving the scene of an accident.

The Liz & Dick leading lady did not resist arrest as she was being handcuffed and placed in the back of a NYPD cruiser. Because alcohol is allegedly not believed to be a factor in the alleged accident, LiLo was not subjected to a field sobriety test.

The former Disney star is telling friends that she had no idea that her car hit anyone and did not know anything had even happened until she left the Dream Hotel, TMZ reports. She also denies a rumors circulating that one of her passengers got out of the Porsche SUV and checked for damage. The movie star called the entire incident “really fishy” because she claims the man did not have any visible injuries. She believes she is the victim of a set up and is planning on fighting the charges.

The actress was given a desk appearance ticket and released around 4:30 am. Lohan’s latest legal troubles come just a few weeks after she was cleared for possible involvement in a jewelry heist at a friend’s home in the Hollywood Hills.