The Donald Trump Russia Attacks Reveal Damning Evidence Against Hillary Clinton, Pundit Says

The Donald Trump Russia comments have been sweeping the web this week as the Republican frontrunner called for Russian hackers to access the 30,000-plus deleted emails the FBI was unable to recover in its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Trump later accused the press of reporting his “obviously sarcastic” remarks as fact as Clinton supporters, like former CIA Chief in the Obama administration Leon Panetta, made the case that the comments were a national security issue and that it was irresponsible for any presidential candidate to encourage such behavior from a foreign entity.

While some Democrats believed that line of attack would be an effective one against the surging GOP candidate — who now leads by as much as seven percentage points in the polls depending on which one you’re listening to — conservative pundit and vehement Trump critic Ben Shapiro claims otherwise.

On the latest episode of the former Breitbart editor’s podcast — he resigned over how the website “sided” with Trump and former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski during the now-infamous incident with former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields (detailed here by Real Clear Politics) — Shapiro pointed out what the Donald Trump Russia attack from Democrats perhaps inadvertently revealed the nature of Hillary’s deleted emails.

“This is kind of weird coming from Democrats who claimed that Hillary’s deleted emails contained either nothing classified or nothing important,” Shapiro said, reminding listeners that according to Clinton, the emails “were just about yoga and Chelsea’s wedding dress.”

He continued, “So why would it be a national security threat if Vladimir Putin had them? And if it is a national security threat for Putin to have them, then why isn’t Hillary being prosecuted for being ‘this irresponsible’? She, not Donald Trump, completed a private server vulnerable to foreign hack for the obvious and clear purpose of hiding information from the American public and transmitting classified info.”


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While Shapiro does not believe this clears the Donald Trump Russia remarks from their “cloddishness,” he said it is “nothing next to the fact that Hillary Clinton took actions that exposed America’s national security to the tender mercies of thug Vladimir Putin.”

In the pundit’s eyes, Democrats are stuck between a rock and a hard place in their criticisms of the Donald Trump Russia remarks.

“Either what Hillary did wasn’t a big deal in which case their response to Trump should be, ‘It doesn’t matter if Putin had her emails, what’s he going to do with yoga RSVPs,’ or what Hillary did was a really big deal in which case Hillary should be the candidate on the chopping block.”

In the end, Shapiro said that the Donald Trump Russia comments exposed Democrats for what they are — “liars and opportunists with America’s national security.”

But what do you think, readers? Is Ben Shapiro correct in stating that the Donald Trump Russia criticisms are revealing something damning about Hillary Clinton? Will this play into the GOP frontrunner’s favor, or will this finally be the line of attack that sinks his campaign? Sound off in the comments section below.

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