Keshia Knight Pulliam Ends All Conversation On Her Impending Divorce From Ed Hartwell: ‘I’m Moving Forward’

“It’s Friday, and I made it,” states a surprisingly positive Keshia Knight Pulliam during the latest episode of her podcast, Kandidly Keshia.

As reported by E! News, the pregnant House of Payne actress, who has been dealing with questions of paternity and an impending divorce from professional football star Ed Hartwell, took to her online radio show early Friday to not only express gratitude to her fans for standing by her through this trying time, but to attempt to close out such a painful chapter in her life.

“One thing that you [learn] in show business is that the show must always go on,” Pulliam expressed. “I’ve had a trying week, to say the least, but I’m grateful, I’m here, [and] I’m well. [My] baby girl is [also] well, and at the end of the day, that is all that matters.”


Another thing that matters, so says Keshia, is the support that she’s received from those who have followed her since her days on The Cosby Show, as well as her loved ones.

“I thank you [all] so much for the village — my family, my friends, people who I don’t even know who have reached out, who have supported me, who have sent love, who have sent blessings, who have sent words of encouragement through every way known to man. It’s meant the world to me.”

News of the split, which was mentioned by the Inquisitr earlier this week, was rumored to have caught the 37-year-old extremely off-guard, especially as she had previously forgiven the former Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star of a past infidelity. That moment in her relationship was one of many topics she touched on during an interview Entertainment Tonight this past Wednesday.

“In the process [of leaving him], I found out I was pregnant,” Pulliam shared with ET correspondent, Nischelle Turner. “And I had to take [a] hard look [and things], and decide if I wanted to try to work through this and forgive him for the sake of the child. Like, I had divorce papers ready. I presented [them] to him. Once I was pregnant, I did decide to give him that one last chance.”


During the podcast, Keshia swore that the televised conversation was not one that she partook in for the financial benefit.

“I took no money for it,” Pulliam explained, “because truth is priceless. Integrity is priceless and there is no amount of money that could replace that. It was about having the opportunity to share my truth.”

Speaking of truth, the soon-to-be-mother also clarified an upcoming story line that will play out on Hollywood Divas, a TVOne reality show that features Lisa Wu, Hartwell’s former wife and mother of his son, EJ. According to previews, Wu’s relationship with Ed and Keshia will be addressed on the show, but Pulliam claims there’s nothing to address, because there is no relationship between the two mothers at all.

“Lisa Wu and I have never, [and] will never, be friends,” she says. “I have no ill will for her — I [just] don’t know her like that.”

keshia knight pulliam [Photo by Moses Robinson/Stringer/Getty Images]She did, however, issue a legal warning to Wu.

“I have no desire to be a part of that lie, [or] to be part of a false made up story line that puts me in a defamatory, derogatory light,” Pulliam expressed. “My attorney will be dealing with that from a legal standpoint with TVOne and that whole situation. I respect her for being [Hartwell son’s] EJ’s mom because I love him dearly, but our [only] connection [will be through] our children will be siblings, [and] that’s all. I wish you the best, and I’m moving forward.”

Feel free to listen to the entire Kandidly Keshia conversation here.

[Photo by Robin L. Marshall/Stringer/Getty Images]