James Bond: Expect Delays As Jack Huston And Tom Hiddleston Lock Horns

James Bond decision-making could be further delayed as distribution rights for the burgeoning movie franchise expire. According to Page Six, this matter will need to be looked after first, before a decision on the new face of James Bond could be made. And contrary to rumors that Tom Hiddleston is out of the running — the Taylor Swift beau is still very much in the game.

In recent weeks, rumors have surfaced that Tom’s overexposure in the media as a result of his deepening relationship with the “Bad Blood” singer is hurting his chances. Movie Pilot even argues that Hiddleston is out of the game entirely because of the Hiddleswift romance, but it’s looking like that is not the case, according to Page Six. Apparently, it takes more than “I love TS” t-shirts and tattoo to be voted out of the extremely tight James Bond competition.

“Tom Hiddleston is in L.A. with Taylor Swift, and the talk is that he could be meeting with James Bond producers about the iconic role,” Page Six emphasizes. The source seems to think, however, that Jack Huston stands a better chance than Tom.

This is why. First of all, Angelica Huston is Jack Huston’s aunt, which gives the actor some clout in lieu of his Hollywood connection. But isn’t Tom’s strong connection to Taylor Swift clout as well? Secondly, Jack has starred in a play that has been co-produced by Barbara Broccoli. The London play was Strangers On A Train, which ran at the Gielgud Theatre in late 2013.

Talk about getting one’s foot in the door. Huston’s Ben-Hur will be out in theaters on August 19.

According to Sam Mendes, the last director of the James Bond franchise, Barbara alone makes the decision regarding who the next 007 player will be.

“It’s not a democracy,” Mendes confides to The Telegraph. The award-winning director explains further, as follows.

“Without that, there would be no Daniel Craig because public support for Daniel was zero. It was her [Barbara Broccoli] saying that man over there is going to change the whole thing, I’m going to cast him…I can guarantee whatever happens with it, it will not be what you expect.”

Still, as mentioned earlier, such “shock” decision won’t be coming anytime soon, due to what Page Six claims as expiring distribution rights, which the source explains as follows.

“Bond producers and MGM are not in an urgent rush to cast the new Bond because the distribution rights for the franchise are up for sale following the end of a multi-movie pact with Sony Pictures. No casting for the next James Bond movie will be decided on until the deal for the distribution rights has been done.”

Another matter that the source has clarified is whether there’s a chance for James Bond quitter Daniel Craig to be back at the negotiation table after he said that “I would rather break this glass and slit my wrist.”

Accordingly, Page Six believes that the chances of this happening is very nil, as follows.

“Producers think that ungracious comment, right before the release of Spectre, cost them tens of millions at the box office. They’re ready to forget about Daniel.”

So bye, bye, Daniel Craig. Hello, Tom Hiddleston and Jack Huston. As the whole world awaits the James Bond verdict, what better way to pass the time than to ogle a highly recommended Bond car that can dive into the waters for up to 35 feet deep, according to Tech Insider. The car drives itself and is completely electric powered, and hence, no fossil fuel emissions whatsoever. It’s also designed as an open car so passengers including the driver can escape easily while underwater. Maybe it’s time for James Bond to sign a new lease.

[Photo by Larry Busacca and Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]