‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: The Secret Is Out — Steffy Sees Eric Kiss Quinn, Causes A Family Feud, And Destroys Her Marriage To Wyatt? [Spoilers]

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that a massive showdown between Quinn and Steffy may be in the works. It looks like Steffy will discover that Eric’s mysterious woman is none other than Quinn during the week of August 1. Steffy comes unhinged as she tries to cope with the fact that scheming Quinn got her hooks in her sweet grandpa just months after discovering that she kidnapped Liam. It should be a great week ahead that will place the rivalry between Quinn and Steffy, front and center.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Steffy will witness Eric kiss Quinn with her own eyes. When she sees the happy couple in a sexy embrace, she comes unhinged and will be unable to control her rage. Apparently, the fallout is epic and will affect the whole Forrester family.


Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Eric was surprised by Quinn’s surprise visit to Monte Carlo. They enjoy each other and reconnect as a couple. After a while, they both realize that they are risking someone discovering their affair and decide it would be best if Quinn returned to Los Angles. As it turns out, they were too late because just as they were saying goodbye, Steffy discovers that Quinn is Eric’s secret lover, and the fallout snowballs from there.

“They have a wonderful reconnection on this trip, and then they say, ‘We can’t do this. We’re crazy.’ So Eric says,’ Go back to L.A.it’s dangerous for you to be here and she agrees.’ When Steffy sees Quinn, it’s a knock ou, drag out war.”

Soap Opera Digest reports that Steffy will get the shock of her life when she has to deal with the fact that Quin has sunk her claws into another person close to her. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that it’s safe to assume Steffy will go ballistic and will be out for blood. Part of the reason that Steffy reacts so strongly is because she felt blindsided by Quinn (again) and believes that she is nothing but trouble.


Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that this time, it is much worse than when she discovered what she did to Liam. This time, it involves her sweet grandpa, someone she loves and respects. She feels that Quinn is using him and latched on to him. Steffy explains that Quinn is nothing but a con-artist and seeks out men that are vulnerable and lonely.

“But this time, it is a whole new level, even for Quinn. This revelation is shocking. It makes Steffy sick to her stomach and disgusted.”

Soap Opera Spy reports that the feud between Quinn and Steffy leads to Wyatt questioning if his marriage can survive the ordeal. He struggles with the fear that Steffy will not be able to let her anger go and worries she will take out her frustration with his mother on him. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that this could be the beginning of the end for the “Statt” (Steffy and Wyatt) and could lead to an opening for Liam to win Steffy over.


Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that the feud between Steffy and Quinn is not going away and will affect the whole family. The one thing Steffy hasn’t factored into the equation is that Quinn will not give up on a future with Eric or let his family stand in her way. Fans have learned over the years that when Quinn wants something, she makes it happen — one way or another.

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