June 29, 2017
Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green Are Intent On Making Their Relationship Work For Baby #3

Megan Fox, best known for her roles in the Transformers series and last month's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, is expecting a baby with her husband, Brian Austin Green.

While Megan Fox was unable to attend the world premiere of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film in New York, the rest of her fellow castmates were quick to praise their pregnant co-star and to show how much they support her growing family, according to People magazine. Brittany Ishibashi, who plays Karai in the film, expressed her excitement upon hearing about Fox's pregnancy and recalled her dedication to her family even during filming.

Brittany Ishibashi spoke about how much Megan Fox loves her family, saying that she has a 2-year-old, and she and the This Is 40 actress "bonded over kids." Brittany also worked with Megan Fox's husband on Desperate Housewives, calling him "such a sweet guy." In fact, the co-star only had nice things to say about both of them.

"They are both such sweet people – super chill. They're very spiritual people, very kind and generous. And she's an amazing mother. She was always talking about her kids and FaceTiming with her kids. And I think Brian's a great dad. They're such cool people."
Ishibashi felt that something special might happen when she heard that Fox and Green were planning on taking a vacation in Hawaii. Hawaii is thought of as a special, spiritual place, and it was also the place that Megan Fox married her husband.

Pete Ploszek, who plays Leonardo in the film, also thinks that Megan Fox is an amazing mom, and he went as far as to say that the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen actress was a pseudo-mom for the cast of the movie as she often took care of them. He also mentioned that he had met Fox's husband and thought they make a great couple, as well as being excellent parents.

Stephen Amell, who plays Casey Jones in the film, joked about how much fun it was getting Megan Fox to admit that she was pregnant after filming had finished. He said that she definitely wasn't pregnant while they were filming, but he suspected that she was pregnant when they did some additional photography after filming was completed.

"Then we saw each other at WonderCon, and, as a guy, I wasn't going to say anything. So I just started baiting her with questions: 'Hey, you want to have a glass of wine? Do you want to do bumper cars?'"
Finally, his questions promoted Megan Fox to admit to her co-star that she was expecting a baby. Amell was thrilled at the news, and he said that although he hasn't met her husband, he's heard that "he's a great guy."

Will Arnett, who is very close to Megan Fox, was amused at the humorous Instagram post Megan Fox made when she announced her pregnancy, joking about who the father might be, and reassuring fans as to three men who definitely weren't the father, including Will Arnett himself, along with Shia LaBeouf and Jake Johnson. All three men are former on-screen love interests of the actress, according to USA Today.

But in all seriousness, Arnett was also very excited and happy for Megan. He joked that the two of them "rib each other a lot" but only because they've worked so closely while making three movies together in the past seven years.
"I'm very happy for her, and I'm excited. She's a great mom, and she balances the work thing well."
While Megan Fox was initially joking about the paternity of her unborn baby, having filed for divorce from her husband. Brian Austin Green. in 2015 following 11 years of marriage, there seems little doubt now that Green is the father, and the pair is doing everything they can to make their relationship work. Fox and Green already have two children together.

ET Online reports that the celebrity couple was spotted on a romantic child-free date at Killer Shrimp restaurant in Marina Del Rey, California, on Thursday.

According to a witness, the pair were smiling and holding hands throughout their lunch date.

Despite her pregnancy, Megan Fox has still managed to keep healthy and fit. According to E! Online, Megan Fox engages in a healthy weekly fitness routine that consists of yoga, Pilates, cardio, and weights.

Regarding her diet, Megan reportedly sticks to eating a healthy clean and green diet, but she does allow herself to enjoy food and indulge in a cheat days every now and then. Although she has no set diet to follow, she is a self-proclaimed health buff and enjoys eating clean, especially when she is working on a film.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for CinemaCon and Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Ferrari North America]