Patricia Heaton Sued by former Personal Assistant for Unpaid Wages

Patricia Heaton, former co-star of Everybody Loves Raymond, is being sued by her former personal assistant for unpaid wages and overtime pay.

According to TMZ, Heaton was served with the suit by Jennifer Lee, her former assistant who claims that the actress fired her and neglected to pay her for some wages and overtime to the tune of $7,425. Jennifer also claims that the work schedule Heaton imposed on her was sporadic, over-demanding at times and extremely hectic.

Papers filed in the suit also stated: “If the rich and famous wish to employ individuals to cater to their every need, they must also refrain from violating California’s wage and hour laws.”

Maybe Patricia Heaton was calculating the payroll for her staff herself, since she apparently is not too good at math, according to the below video of her appearance on the Aug. 17 episode of Who Want’s to be a Millionaire where she couldn’t do a simple calculation during one of the questions.