WWE: Ric Flair Just Said What Everyone Was Thinking About Charlotte Losing The Title

Ric Flair has not wasted time in making a splash in the podcast community.

His new show features interviews with the top names in the wrestling and sports entertainment business, but it also features a juicy section at the beginning entitled, “Top 4,” in which he gives his thoughts on the four biggest wrestling stories of the week.

Naturally, with his daughter Charlotte’s dropping the title this week, the 16-time world champion had some thoughts, and it turns out he was in sync with what most fans were thinking about his daughter tapping out to Sasha’s Bank Statement finisher.

While the King of Space Mountain admitted that he was biased as her dad, he thought that Charlotte and Sasha had “what was probably the greatest woman’s match I’ve seen on TV.”

Concerning who got the win, Ric Flair said, “Winning and losing doesn’t mean anything to me.”

He continued.

“I think I’ve got her (Charlotte) convinced (of that). I am extremely happy for the both of them, and think Charlotte is in a great place.”

That said, one person wasn’t entirely happy with the match, and that was Charlotte herself, who admitted to her dad that it “could have been so much better,” he said.

But overall, Flair thought it was “great for the product and the women’s division,” and he said that he would not be surprised if it was the highest rated segment of the new Monday Night Raw post-brand split.

On Charlotte’s future with the company, Ric Flair is convinced that the best is yet to come, while he reminded everyone that the now former WWE Women’s Champion has only had four years in the business. He also expressed his excitement for the inevitable Sasha vs. Charlotte rematch at SummerSlam.

But who will win and who will lose? Again, to Ric Flair, it doesn’t matter.

“It doesn’t matter who wins and loses. I think winning and losing is overrated,” Flair said, adding that it’s the performance and connecting with fans that counts.

Ric Flair hasn’t always been pleased with the company’s presentation of his daughter, going off several months ago on a quickly abandoned angle that WWE worked between Charlotte and Paige in which Paige made light of Charlotte’s brother Reid’s death.

Flair admitted that the company did not warn him or Charlotte and Reid’s mother of the angle, and it was devastating to hear.


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At the time, Ric postulated the theory that Charlotte wasn’t on board with the angle, but that she likely went along with it because she “didn’t want to make waves.”

The angle was so sharply rebuked, especially in light of Flair’s revelations, that the company went into damage control and issued statements that the performers have a say in the storylines they choose to work.

Nevertheless, all mention of the incident was omitted and ignored on the following pay-per-view.

It now appears that WWE and the Flair family are on the same page as evidenced by this week’s edition of The Ric Flair Show in which the Hall of Famer widely praised the company and offered little criticism of the new products.

But what do you think about the jet airplane flyin’ son of a gun’s comments concerning his daughter’s loss? Do you think that Charlotte will get the strap back at SummerSlam? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image via WWE]