‘Suicide Squad’ Cast News: Ezra Miller Rumored As The Flash, But No Ben Affleck?

The Suicide Squad cast will supposedly have another Justice League member joining the film. In press releases for the upcoming David Ayer film, Ezra Miller’s name appears, but not Ben Affleck.

This is confusing since Batman has been seen in set media. Footage from the upcoming villain ensemble movie had a familiar “flash” speeding by at one point and spawned rumors that there would be two superheroes making cameos in the film. It’s possible that Ben Affleck’s Batman cameo was cut from the theatrical release, though that might hurt the film.

The brooding and serious dark knight is a fan favorite aside from Superman himself, and Batman is what every member of the Suicide Squad’s cast of villains has in common. The Flash’s cameo would be his second in the DC expanded universe, the first being in Batman v Superman as an email attachment. His logo appeared over a video where he could be seen zipping around in a shopping center of some kind.

The scene in question from the upcoming film might be a spoiler, but it was already hinted in the trailers. The cast list on IMDb is in order of appearance, and Ezra Miller appears after Jai Courtney. This could mean that the lightning effect in the trailer was actually The Flash taking down Captain Boomerang when he first appears, sending him to prison before his release alongside Gotham’s worst and most dangerous criminals.

Batman’s departure from the credited Suicide Squad cast could also mean that Ben Affleck will show up in an end credits scene. Batman fans everywhere know that the dark knight has a kind of bond with the clown prince of crime, being complete opposites and natural rivals.

There is a long list of uncredited appearances from actors in the film, and unless the possible end credits scene involves a crowd, it doesn’t make much sense. It could be that the Joker escapes in the end and is already in the process of threatening the lives of Gotham City.

Little doubt remains that David Ayer’s film will bring comic book movies back for DC Comics and Warner Bros. as Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice fades into our Blu-ray collections. This has been a strong year for comic book films, starting with the underdog smash hit Deadpool in February. BvS was a debatable success, with box office and critics being the real opponents. Captain America: Civil War ended up being the Avengers film we’d actually wanted, and with the Suicide Squad cast hitting theaters in August, it looks like 2016 could be one of the biggest years in history for the genre.

The New York Post claims that this summer has been a drought of good films based on superheroes. Where summer is usually the time of year when major action films hit, bringing in the younger crowds, this one was relatively dry. Ironically, they say that August is often the month when film franchise releases are doomed, and Suicide Squad’s cast could keep audiences returning long after the school bells ring once again.

Being actually the third film in the series revived by Zack Snyder, Suicide Squad has a lot riding on it and could be the launching pad that Batman V Superman was intended to be. With the inclusion of Ezra Miller’s Flash in the Suicide Squad cast, and the odd fact that Ben Affleck’s Batman is uncredited, there are a lot of questions we’ll have to wait until August 4 to get answers to.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]