WWE News: Rumor Killer On Charlotte Dropping The Women’s Championship To Sasha Banks

On Monday Night Raw in Pittsburgh, Sasha Banks finally achieved her dream: She faced off against the then-WWE Women’s champion, Charlotte. Dana Brooke was in Charlotte’s corner, which was an upper-hand for the champion. In months past, she used her father, Ric Flair, as her manager. He would consistently help her win against all of Charlotte’s opponents. It was the perfect plan to get Charlotte over as more of a heel.

It worked, which is why on WWE Raw, Banks’ title win was even sweeter than intended. Most WWE fans thought there would be a big match at SummerSlam, which would be the location to hand the belt over to the former-NXT Women’s champion. Much to the surprise of the WWE fans in attendance, as well as around the world, that 10-year-old girl achieved her dream and much more. Sasha Banks defeated Charlotte to become the WWE Women’s champion.

Paige hold Charlotte
image via WWE

The match included an ode to her favorite wrestler, Eddie Guerrero, support from the WWE Universe, and one high-risk spot that turned the tables in Banks’ favor. She wasn’t the favorite going in, and that’s one of the big reasons why the WWE Universe was so behind her winning that night. Was there a specific reason why Charlotte dropped the championship? She isn’t moving on to a new feud yet, so that can’t be the rationale WWE officials used.

In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, a rumor began that Charlotte dropped the Women’s championship because she asked for time off from the company. She isn’t going anywhere, but fatigue has to be setting in. Charlotte has worked over 13 pay-per-views in a row. However, according to PWInsider and Daily Wrestling News, there’s not a negative reason why Charlotte dropped the Women’s title to Sasha Banks.

“PWInsider reports that Charlotte is scheduled for all future bookings and at no point did she request time off and there were never internal discussions about her taking time off.

“The decision to put the title on Sasha was made for two reasons – WWE creative wanted to open the first RAW of the New Era with a big surprise by having Sasha Banks accomplish her dream, and Vince McMahon felt that Charlotte’s run as champion helped to establish the title as legitimate.”

If anything, this helps clarify what happened on WWE Raw this past Monday in Pittsburgh. Charlotte isn’t going anywhere, and she doesn’t have any heat in the locker room. Despite previous reports that she and Paige weren’t getting along, it seemed that was false as well. Banks deserved that women’s title and earned it with her own hard work and dedication. The decision by WWE officials was a very smart one and just made the women’s division more legitimate.

image via WWE

A championship title just looks right at home on Banks, who will undoubtedly have a great reign as champ. Who may her next feud in the WWE be with? It will continue with Charlotte. She needs to have her rematch, and it may as well be at SummerSlam. Look for an angle involving Banks and Brooke next week on WWE programming.

Right after Charlotte, Bayley will be heading to the main roster full-time. That’s a perfect opportunity to get those two WWE greats in a program heading into Survivor Series season.

One thing is for sure, and that’s the competence WWE officials proved by putting the belt on Sasha Banks. It created a memorable moment for all who watched, especially the one who is now holding the championship. For WWE fans, it does feel good to call Banks a champion in the WWE.

[Image via WWE]