‘The Bachelor’ 2017: Luke Pell The Clear Choice And Reality Steve Explains Why

The Bachelor 2017 season is a long way off, but Reality Steve says Luke Pell will be the obvious choice by ABC for next year’s lead. While this is no surprise to fans watching The Bachelorette with JoJo Fletcher, it’s yet another affirmation that the most popular contestant of this season is likely to be on viewers’ screens next winter.

Steve Carbone spoke with Guide Live on Friday morning to share his thoughts on JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette and more about why he thinks Luke will be the network’s clear choice for The Bachelor 2017.

A little bit of time is available to the studio as they work to gauge who the fan favorites are throughout each Bachelorette season. It’s not always the runners-up, who would be Robby Hayes this time around. Although Robby made it all the way to the finale episode, he’s not a popular guy.

“Robby’s got too much negativity surrounding him to be the [next] bachelor,” Steve said.

Robby allegedly left his girlfriend to film The Bachelorette and was questioned about that on the show.

Reality Steve said from all the rumblings he’s privy to, it’s obvious Luke will get the gig.

“Everything I’m hearing is Luke will be the next bachelor,” he says. “The fact he formerly served our country, Afghanistan, all-American boy — he’s got the whole setup. It’s just perfect.”

Several reports have already pegged Luke Pell as the lead for The Bachelor in 2017. Luke has the clean image ABC looks for in a lead, and he is admired by millions for his genuine character and for being a country boy from Burnet, Texas. Although he didn’t hit it off with JoJo Fletcher after the July 25 episode, he’s considered quite the catch.

Forbes even wrote about the heartthrob when they noted that Twitter metrics showed 2,500 tweets per minute for Luke, according to data pulled from DataScience Inc. The response ignited after Luke declared his love for JoJo, and her feelings weren’t mutual.

“Positive sentiment for Luke rushed over the internet as JoJo drove away from his raw, exposed heart,” a blog entry on DataScience read about the analysis.

The blog entry also noted that Robby had among the lowest tweets.

Chase McNary is another possible contender for 2017 season, telling Entertainment Tonight that “the discussions are there” with ABC brass. He seems far less interested than Luke is in the gig, however. He’s uncertain about being the lead, stating that “there’s a lot of weight there” and “expectations.”

If Luke and Chase are the two ABC is looking at for next season’s Bachelor, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that they’re more apt to go with the one who’s most enthusiastic about taking on the opportunity. In addition to that, Luke edges ahead of Chase as a favorite among viewers.

Luke talked to People magazine about his exit from the show, revealing that he really did fall in love with JoJo. His heartbreak notwithstanding, he’s open to going through this process again. He told the magazine that he’s open to being the next Bachelor.

“This whole process worked for me. I fell in love with JoJo, and our relationship was great,” Luke said. “If the opportunity comes up to go through this process again, I would completely be open to it. I’m hopeful to find the right person!”

This just adds to more positive speculation that the 31-year-old war veteran will be named as next season’s lead.

All signs are heavily pointing to Chris Harrison possibly announcing Luke Pell as The Bachelor 2017 following After the Final Rose special on Monday, August 1.

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