‘Teen Mom’ Star Leah Messer Blasted For Anorexia, Drugs, And Endangering Daughter

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer is in the midst of a body-shaming controversy. In response to those alleging that Messer is anorexic because of her extremely slender body, the Teen Mom TV show personality is fighting back, reported People.

Leah clapped back when fans who viewed her bikini body in a photo on Instagram called her anorexic. Messer questioned why other women make judgments based on her body shape rather than her character or actions.

“There is much more to women than our bodies,” pointed out the Teen Mom star. “Yet many women seem to continually judge others, not by their character, but by their bodies.”

Noting that more worthy topics than whether Leah ate enough for breakfast existed, she urged her followers to end the body-shaming and turn their attention to the important issues in the world.

“There are many more important issues going on in the world today than whether or not I had enough to eat for breakfast,” declared Messer, asserting that she ate plenty for breakfast.

“Let’s stop with the shaming, start supporting one another, and focus on what really matters.”

In addition to calling her anorexic, the Teen Mom star’s Instagram followers probed about how she had three children. Leah has a pair of 6-year-old twin girls, Aliannah and Aleeah, as well as a 3-year-old child, Adalynn. And the backlash from that bikini photo didn’t end there, with some of the comments questioning whether Messer is using drugs.

This is not the first time that Leah has faced allegations of drug abuse. Messer spent a month in rehab to be treated for anxiety and depression. At that time, however, allegations swirled that the Teen Mom star was dependent on prescription drugs resulting from a battle in court over custody of the twins with Corey Simms. He is the twins’ dad as well as her former husband, and he was awarded custodial responsibility.

Leah Messer is facing a backlash over a bikini photo.
Leah Messer is facing a backlash over a bikini photo. [Image via MTV/Teen Mom 2]

In response to those who claimed she was abusing drugs at that time, however, Leah stated that she was utilizing pain medication from her physicians. That medication had been prescribed to alleviate her back pain following her second pregnancy.

Responding to the backlash from her followers insisting that she appeared anorexic, Messer told Refinery29 that changing the conversation from body-shaming to more positive topics is especially important to her because of her daughters.

Leah Messer uses her daughters to explain why body-shaming is harmful.

“We should be focused on spreading love and kindness instead of mean-spirited bullying. Thankfully I am in a beautiful place in my life raising three wonderful, kind, loving and confident little girls,” noted Leah.

“The last thing I would want for [my daughters] is to feel that they, too, could be ridiculed for their bodies.”

As for the drug allegations, Refinery29 notes that Messer went into treatment for addiction after being faced with claims that she had problems with drugs when she seemed to be slurring her words on Teen Mom 2.

But the backlash against Leah doesn’t end with drugs and anorexia. Her followers slammed for her making the choice of filming her daughter in the backseat as she was driving. Messer tried to prevent any slams by insisting that she had focused on the road while she was creating the video, even threatening that she would block anyone who criticized her.

“She is soo happy! Will post some pics of her swimming soon! She is the definition of PERFECTION! #MyBaby,” gushed the Teen Mom star.

“FYI: My eyes stayed on the road the ENTIRE time, so try to be nice on the comments. Otherwise I will block you, k? thanks!”

But that warning didn’t stop followers from slamming Messer for allegedly endangering her daughter.

“Stop putting others and your children at an unnecessary risk,” urged one commentator. “Seriously people it can freaking wait till you get home!!”

[Image via MTV]