Katy Perry Gets Bashed On Twitter For DNC Hillary Clinton Performance: Should Beyoncé Have Performed Instead?

Poor Katy Perry. She’s had a bad week. As Inquisitr mentioned a couple days back, Perry debuted at No. 11 with her Olympics theme, “Rise,” but that may be the song’s peak as it has been falling on iTunes. A performance of the song at the DNC for Hillary Clinton barely helped the song, even though she had a huge audience. Still, sources such as Rolling Stone were positive about Perry’s DNC appearance and performance.

“Katy Perry appeared at the Democratic National Convention with a victorious roar and to extol Hillary Clinton’s run for president. An early supporter of Clinton’s campaign, Perry was a confident choice that implored the crowd to ‘use your voice’ before performing ‘Rise’ and ‘Roar.'”

Katy Perry Rise

“Both of my parents are pastors, and staunch Republicans. I didn’t finish high school and unfortunately I don’t have a formal education but I do have an open mind and I have a voice,” Rolling Stone quotes Perry telling the audience before reminding them to vote for Hillary Clinton on November 8.

Then, Perry started singing her new song “Rise.” Perhaps there was a problem with the audio, and many agree that she was hard to understand when she sang. Others believe she was just having a bad night. But things got worse when she sang her 2013 hit “Roar.”

Comments after an article about Katy Perry’s DNC appearance on People are almost universally negative.

“That was awful!” exclaims Duchess.

“Wow, I’m a Katy Perry fan. But let’s face it, she can’t sing. My family and I had to put our hands over our ears while she sang. What was she thinking?” asks Allison Ornela.

While Twitter is usually mean to performers, many were especially cruel to Katy Perry after her DNC appearance.

However, at least one fan defended Perry.

Perhaps it’s the intent that matters just as much as the performance. Katy Perry has always been an advocate for the Democrat party. Billboard talked about her dedication last October.

“Katy Perry is publicly showing her support for Hillary Clinton. The pop singer, in her first appearance for the 2016 campaign, will rally Clinton supporters on Oct. 24 in downtown Des Moines before the presidential nominee attends the Iowa Democratic Party’s annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, Clinton’s campaign announced Saturday morning.”

Katy Perry Activist

Billboard added that Perry helped rally supporters for Barack Obama as well in 2012. She played at numerous events and wore patriotic dresses she designed herself. What makes Perry an appealing advocate for Democrats and progressive causes is the fact that she grew up in a right-wing religious background and then changed.

In 2015, The Daily Beast described Perry’s upbringing.

“It’s safe to say that Katy Perry has been pretty thoroughly crucified by organized religion. In a 2011 Vanity Fair cover story, Perry claimed that she ‘didn’t have a childhood’ due to the punishing ideologies of her Evangelical-minister parents. According to the pop star, she was barred from reading secular books or reading secular novels,” wrote author Amy Zimmerman, who added that in Perry’s household, deviled eggs were actually referred to as “angel eggs.”

Katy Perry has become the go-to singer for many feminist causes, which is why Hillary Clinton used her to campaign. You can bet that if Hillary Clinton wins the election, Katy Perry will sing at her inauguration. Let’s just hope Perry doesn’t run into vocal or audio problems if this future event happens.

Did you watch Katy Perry’s DNC performance? Was Perry as bad as people are making her out to be? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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