Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Headed For A Split? His Team Reportedly Trying To Keep Hiddleswift Apart

Is Taylor Swift’s romance with Tom Hiddleston ending faster than it started?

The Thor star attended Comic-Con in San Diego last weekend without Swift at his side. Did Hiddleston’s PR team ban her from the event?

Celeb Dirty Laundry is reporting that Hiddleston’s relationship with the pop star isn’t good for his career because of all the negative publicity. In order to salvage Hiddleston’s public image, his team is doing its best to push Swift out of his life.

Hiddleston’s connection with Swift is believed to be one reason why he isn’t going to land the new James Bond role. Apparently, movie producers don’t want to deal with the Hiddleswift circus.

At the same time, Swift has been at the center of a few controversies this summer.

For starters, Swift’s surprising split with Calvin Harris nearly broke the internet. Then, only weeks later, she was spotted displaying her affection for Hiddleston in public.

Of course, Swift was also involved in an epic feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Kanye West Slams Taylor Swift Again During Surprise Appearance At Drake Concert [Video]
[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS]

Swift tried to act like she was the victim after West dissed her in his latest album. However, Kim released a video recording that proved West got Swift’s approval before mentioning her on his track.

Considering all the negative publicity surrounding Taylor Swift, there is little question why Hiddleston’s team might be trying to separate the two.

Is this why Swift didn’t attend Comic-Con with her new boyfriend?

According to Jezebel, Hiddleston appeared at Comic-Con to promote his new movie with Brie Larson, titled Kong: Skull Island.

Although Hiddleston and Swift have been nearly inseparable in the last few weeks, the singer was notably absent from the event.

While Hiddleston was more than willing to chat it up with fans about the movie, he was hesitant to discuss his romance with Swift.

Tom Hiddleston And Brie Larson Debut 'Kong: Skull Island' At Comic-Con, Plus They Get Quizzed On Movie Monsters [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]
Taylor Swift was reportedly banned from attending Comic-Con with Tom, where he promoted 'Kong: Skull Island' with Brie Larson. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

However, that didn’t stop fans from asking Hiddleston about his heated relationship. According to Vanity Fair, Hiddleston answered by discussing what it’s like living life in the spotlight.

“I don’t know, it comes down to being authentic,” Hiddleston shared.

“Everything you do you have to make sure you truly believe in it and as long as you know that, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says about it because the nature of being a public figure is that everyone will have an opinion about anything you do. And as long as you know why you’ve done something and you’ve committed to it with authenticity then you’re okay.”

Later, Hiddleston admitted that he had fun at Comic-Con but was clearly tired of answering questions about his love life.

Meanwhile, People is reporting that Hiddleston and Swift were back together this week. The two lovers ate dinner at a restaurant in Santa Monica and appeared happier than ever to be reunited.

“They were tucked away on the second floor of the restaurant,” an insider revealed. “They seemed to really be enjoying each other’s company.”

“Tom drove them to the restaurant. They held hands and looked very happy,” another insider added. “Taylor was pretty in a black top and skirt.”

Hiddleston and Swift haven’t been afraid to show their love in public ever since their relationship started. In fact, the couple have been spotted in Australia, England, Italy, Rhode Island, Nashville, and L.A.

They even met each other’s parents and look to be getting pretty serious.

Of course, questions remain about how Swift is affecting Hiddleston’s career in Hollywood. If the singer really is damaging his chances at landing major roles, then their relationship might be in serious trouble.

For now, it appears as though Hiddleston is enjoying his romance with Swift, even if that means he’s getting a lot more media attention than before.

Tell us! Do you think Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston will still be together and happy in six months? Let us know in the comments below.

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