‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Set In A Hospital? Focus On Children?

American Horror Story fans are still on the edge of their seats. There are no confirmations over Season 6’s setting yet, something we’d heard by this time last year for Season 5. That hasn’t stopped the speculation.

Ryan Murphy commented previously that American Horror Story Season 6 would focus on children. This led to many speculations that it would mean a school setting or focus on Slender Man. The latter i a major fictional character in the real world around the time of his announcement. After the latest trailer and the AHS experience at San Diego Comic Con, those thoughts have moved on to the idea that the show will be set in a hospital or laboratory.

Some fans also think that American Horror Story Season 6 will be linked to Season 1. This is certainly possible after the teaser trailers showed what looked like the monster baby from the first season. There were also plenty of glass jars of baby parts in some photos, suggesting that Dr. Montgomery is coming back to the show. He had already reappeared in Season 5, connected to Lady Gaga’s The Countess character when she wanted an abortion.

Ecumenical News has another theory for American Horror Story Season 6. Is it possible that Lady Gaga’s character could be the scientist or doctor performing experiments on children? This would mean the season couldn’t be connected to Season 1 or Season 5 in any way, since Lady Gaga’s character from that has already had her backstory told.

This idea does suggest that there could be some sort of connection to AHS Season 2. Set in the past, the season focused on a doctor’s experiments on inmates at the mental institution. While we know that Season 6 is mostly going to be set in the present day, could Lady Gaga’s character have heard about the actions and decided to focus her experiments on children. Maybe she was a former patient who got some ideas from him.

Many American Horror Story fans do think that Season 6 will feature the child from Season 1. This was a theory raised when Murphy first said that children would be a focus, suggesting that the storyline could be around the antichrist. The latest trailers has helped to further this theory, since at one point it looks like the hand of the baby is reaching up to a mobile in the cot.

The teasers do suggest that a hospital setting won’t be used in AHS Season 6. They feature a cabin in the middle of a field and the sound of a chainsaw. The third teaser has what looks like a woman running down the stairs, only to have hands catch her to make her fall. Is it possible that the setting will be more Texas Chainsaw Massacre, with a focus on experimentation once unsuspecting stranded victims have made it to the cabin?

There was a theory that the child from Season 1 wouldn’t actually be the monster baby, but the baby of Vivian Harmon and Tate Langdon. While the hand in the crib doesn’t match the hand of that little boy, the rest of the setting could work in its favor. The problem is that Jessica Lange is definitely not coming back to American Horror Story Season 6, so who is looking after her grandson now? Has she been forced to give him up because of how dark he turned, or did he kill his own grandmother?

Theories around the show are ripe, especially since the release of the teasers. There are still questions surrounding the cast and the setting for American Horror Story Season 6. What do you think the setting is going to be, and what will Lady Gaga’s character be like this year?

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]