Iggy Azalea On Old Furniture, Music Production, And Cosmetic Surgery

Iggy Azalea famously broke up with her former fiancé, Nick Young, and recently moved into a new house. For most people, a breakup and a move to a new house would be overwhelming, but the “Team” singer seems to have welcomed the change to her life and sees it as a new beginning. According to People magazine, Iggy Azalea recently visited a Las Vegas nightclub, Jewel, where she performed a medley of songs, including “Fancy” and “Black Widow.”

Before and after the performance, Azalea hung out at a VIP table with a group of friends that included Khloe Kardashian’s ex-partner, French Montana. Iggy Azalea took to the stage at 2 a.m., and during the 20-minute performance Azalea performed her hits, not showing any of the new material that she had been working on for her upcoming Digital Distortion album.

Her personal life may be well-documented by the media, but she probably won’t make any mention of her relationship breakdown with Nick Young in her music since the “Change Your Life” singer says that the album was completed in February, long before her breakup.

Ever since her breakup, Azalea has not made any signs of changing her appearance, as many people tend to do after a relationship breakdown, only telling reporters that her summer tan made her feel like she had lost weight. She moved on with her life and even moved into a new home, but the “Change Your Life” singer does believe that she is exactly starting fresh.

Iggy Azalea spoke on moving into a new home with old furniture.

“I think everybody saw that I took my furniture with me, so it’s not totally fresh.”

She did, however, say that she’s had fun “mixing it up” and buying new drapes and other “boring stuff that girls love.”

One of the newest developments for Iggy Azalea is that she will soon try her hand at being an executive producer. According to Billboard, Iggy Azalea recently announced on Instagram that her production company, Azalea Street, had signed a new deal to create original content for NBC Universal.

And the work don’t be stop pic.twitter.com/Fq1uConY69

— IGGY AZALEA (@lGGY4ZALEA) July 24, 2016

She posted on Instagram that she is officially an executive producer for the next few years, and she hopes for many more. Azalea said that lots of scripted series are in the works with other interesting ideas to come and that she has been working with NBC Universal on these upcoming series for quite some time. The “Team” singer clearly cannot contain her excitement for this next phase in her career.

In other news, Iggy Azalea has left some of her fans scratching their heads after she uploaded a racy photo of herself on Instagram, according to News Australia.

The “Bounce” singer has never hidden her love for cosmetic surgery, having posted a photo with her plastic surgeon and thanking him for her breast implants in the past. Her latest photo, a revealing selfie, showed her from behind as she wore a white bikini. The post attracted comments from Azalea’s fans, with many wondering whether her curves are a result of Photoshop, surgery, or both.

She already spoke about how she feels about cosmetic surgery last April during an interview with Elle Canada.

“I think, in 2016, people should be more accepting of the fact that both famous and non-famous women are having cosmetic procedures. That’s just the reality. And I think more people need to admit that s**t so it doesn’t have to be so taboo — because we’re all doing it anyway.”

Azalea has also spoken on cosmetic procedures she’s personally had done in the past, including breast implants and a nose job. She justified her nose job by saying that she didn’t grow up with a bump on her nose, that it only happened when she was “smashed in the face with a soccer ball” when she was 16-years-old. Now that she’s had the surgery, Iggy Azalea has said that she feels like her nose is back to normal.

“Now I feel like my nose looks the way it’s supposed to look.”

[Photo by Greg Allen/Invision/AP]