‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Joseline Hernandez Proves Pregnancy, Young Dro Drops A Hint, Steve J Denies Being The Father

In the recent episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, it is clear that Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J have broken up. It also seems like Joseline has moved on to rapper Young Dro, or are they just making music together?

Since Joseline Hernandez announced her preganancy, fans have been wondering who the father is. The Atlanta rapper has been fueling rumors with a cryptic Instagram post captured by The Shaderoom.

He responded to an article questioning who the Puerto Rican princess had a baby with an emoji, which he quickly deleted.

When asked whether he is Joseline Hernandez baby daddy he responded “No comment.”

Recent pictures show that Joseline’s baby bump is growing. She recently posted a picture of herself working out with her stomach in full display – there is no doubt that Joseline is pregnant.

Young Dro and Joseline have been seen together for months holding hands and driving around together as a couple would do.

Many fans speculated that Stevie J and Joseline where never truly married. Stevie J went on radio and denied that there were ever married.

LHHATL Joseline Hernandez responded on radio and suggested that he was denying their marriage because he is upset:

“I’m still a married woman. I’m separated,” the Puerto Rican princess stated “The only time I would cheat on my husband is with a woman. We are separated. We are married. That’s what guys do when they’re upset, they lie.”

Joseline also took a dig at Stevie J’s music career, stating that he hasn’t had a hit in 20 years.

Stevie J quickly responded with a video of his own talking about the publishing he receives from his Bad Boy record hits and reaffirming that they were never married:

“[Joseline] talking about no music on the radio in 20 years. Ma, I’m still getting more residuals off of any song I did in the ’90s than you’ll ever get off any of them bum a** songs you doing with Dro,” Stevie said. “I got a No. 1 record right now. You’ll never have that… Be careful, be very careful baby. And I’m not your husband. Never have been and never will be.”

However, in the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Stevie J inadvertently referred to Joseline as his wife when they met with each other. So it Is not clear whether they were truly never married or if Stevie is saying it to hurt her feelings.

If Joseline has moved on with Young Dro, it looks like Stevie may have gotten himself a Joseline look-alike in the Instagram video he shared below:

LHHATL Joseline and Stevie J are clearly trying to make each other jealous in a very public way. However, if Joseline’s baby is not his, then the couple may never get back together.

In a recent interview, Young Dro decided to keep the peace and not reveal any details about his relationship with Joseline, keeping it about the music and stating the following:

“She’s a great girl. We’ve got nice music together and I look forward to having an album with her.”

Some of our questions will be answered in the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta finale next week, where Stevie J is expected to confront Joseline about her pregnancy.

International Business Times report on the Love and Hip Hop cast attacking Joseline in the sneak peak of part one of the reunion:

“In the video, several of the VH1 stars share their thoughts on Joseline and none of them have anything nice to say about her. Karen ‘KK’ King says that she believes Joseline feels threatened by her. She goes on to allege that she thinks Joseline may have a drug problem, referring to her as ‘Cokealine.’ ‘All of this outrageous behavior … you gotta be on something,’ Karen says.”

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[Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images]