Janet Jackson Baby Bump: Singer Debuts Tiny Bump After Miraculous Pregnancy At Age 50

Janet Jackson debuted a tiny baby bump this week as the 50-year-old singer displayed the first outward signs of her surprising pregnancy.

Jackson surprised the world in May when she announced that she was pregnant with her first child.

Now, Radar Online has published what it claims are the first photos of Janet Jackson’s baby bump — though you might have to use your imagination to see it. The photos show Jackson and husband Wissam Al Mana getting out of a car, and there is just barely a peek at Jackson’s mid-section.

Though the shots weren’t very revealing, they still managed to circulate online and generate some good remarks for Jackson. Many fans noted how great she is looking in the early stages of her pregnancy, which can often be the most difficult months for expectant mothers.

For Janet Jackson, the pregnancy is the end result of years of planning and trying. She had long spoken about her desire to have a baby but hinted at possible difficulties that kept her from getting pregnant. Back in 2010, when Janet was 44 years old, she told Access Hollywood that her plans to have a baby were “in God’s hands.”

“I’d love to have a family,” Janet said. “But really, it’s in God’s hands. So, if it’s meant to be, I’ll have one. I hope it does.”

She broached the topic again the following year in an interview with Piers Morgan on CNN. Janet Jackson said that others noticed her maternal instincts and often pressed her on the idea of having a child of her own one day. But she struck a non-committal tone in the interview.

“[People would tell me], ‘You’re very nurturing. You’re very mothering and you take care of people all the time.’ And yada, yada, yada. And so, I don’t know,” Janet said.

In the same interview, Janet said that she would be a much different parent than her own father, Joe, who was abusive to his children. Janet said she would give “a lot of attention, a lot of love” to her own children would would never bring a child up in the same conditions under which she was raised.

Though the chances of complications in pregnancy increase for women over the age of 35, Janet Jackson has reportedly been doing her best to stay healthy in all phases of her life. A source told Radar Online that Jackson has been very careful about her diet and is getting the right type of exercise.

“Janet is super healthy and has been following her doctors orders religiously,” the source said. “She is working with a nutritionist and is not doing any crazy exercises. She is at the doctors constantly and they are considering having a medical nurse and a prenatal doctor on staff at their home.”

With so much at stake, Jackson is leaving nothing to chance, the source added.

“She has focused all of her energy on making sure that her pregnancy goes as smooth as possible and she is taking better care of herself that she has in years.” the insider said, adding that Janet believes her very unlikely pregnancy “is Michael working from the other side.”

While Janet Jackson still has a few more months before the debut of her own baby, she’s already gotten plenty of experience over the years in interacting with children in her own family. As the youngest of 10 siblings in her family, Janet has 27 nieces and nephews, including three from her late brother Michael Jackson.

For those who are interested, the photos of Janet Jackson and her tiny baby bump can be seen here.

[Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Images]