WWE News: Several WWE Superstars Upset About Brock Lesnar Being Exempt From WWE Wellness Policy

It’s no secret that Brock Lesnar has received special treatment from WWE due to his drawing power, his aura as a legitimate fighter in UFC, and as a sports-entertainment PPV selling machine. There is no question that WWE has made a lot more money from Brock Lesnar than they have paid out, but that surplus may have taken a serious hit since UFC 200.

At UFC 200, Brock Lesnar defeated Mark Hunt by unanimous decision after dominating the fight on the mat for three rounds in what was considered a triumphant comeback for Lesnar to UFC at the time. Unfortunately, the success that UFC 200 brought to Brock, UFC, and WWE has backfired due to Lesnar’s issues with the United States Anti-Doping Agency.

To recap the situation, Brock Lesnar was flagged for violating UFC’s Anti-Doping Policy that wasn’t revealed until after his fight at UFC 200. Since then, “The Beast Incarnate” has gotten himself into very hot water with UFC and WWE when it was revealed that he had failed a second test with the USADA. It has been reported that he will not be fined by UFC for the time being, but Brock Lesnar has put WWE in a much more complex position heading into WWE Summerslam.

Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar is Still Planned For Summerslam [Image via WWE.com]At WWE Summerslam, Brock Lesnar will return to a WWE ring for the first time since Wrestlemania 32 against Randy Orton in a matchup the WWE Universe has wanted to see for quite some time. The match was advertised during UFC 200 and has been one of the most hyped matches on WWE programming to push the WWE Summerslam event.

WWE is attempting to salvage Brock Lesnar’s momentum and aura from UFC by having Lesnar vs. Orton go on as planned, but a lot of scrutiny from the industry and the WWE Universe is beginning to make WWE’s handling of the situation look bad. As of this writing, people are still wondering if WWE will be suspending Brock Lesnar, but it doesn’t seem like he will be suspended at this time.

Brock Lesnar’s violation and recent troubles have already forced WWE officials to change their plans on WWE television. It has been revealed that Brock Lesnar has originally meant to be the first draft pick to Raw during last week’s WWE Draft. It has also been reported that WWE will continue using Lesnar’s failed drug tests as part of the storyline with Orton.

Even more recently, WWE failing to take a stand on the situation is starting to become a problem in WWE’s locker room. Brock Lesnar is set to return to WWE programming next week on Monday Night Raw to help build the feud with Randy Orton, but he’ll be entering a locker room that is getting more infuriated with him and with the company continuing his special treatment.

Brock Lesnar Poses With The Authority as the WWE Champion [Image via WWE.com]According to a rumor from CageSideSeats, there are some performers within WWE who are upset and vocal about Brock Lesnar being exempt from the WWE Wellness Policy despite failing two tests with the USADA. It’s understandable for a WWE superstar to be upset by the company’s treatment of Lesnar, especially after what happened to Roman Reigns.

The problem WWE faces with Brock Lesnar is that he remains a great asset to the company, so tarnishing that golden goose is just bad business when all the issues he has with the USADA could blow over in at month. The situation is hurting the company in the eyes of the WWE locker room and the WWE Universe, but they have bet too big on Brock Lesnar to pull all their chips out now.

Brock Lesnar is on the cover of WWE2K17. He has one of the biggest matches on the WWE Summerslam card, and he is still signed with WWE through Wrestlemania 34. It seems that WWE is playing the “wait and see” game when it comes to punishing Brock Lesnar, but they may be able to get through WWE Summerslam, which is the best case scenario for WWE right now.

[Image via WWE.com]