Police: Stepmom Forced Kids To Lick Toilets And Vomit Up ‘Stolen’ Food During Horrifying Incidents Of Abuse

A Texas stepmom has been indicted on numerous charges associated with the frequent abuse of her stepchildren. News Talk 1290 reports that 24-year-old Sara Anne Woody will soon face trial on the allegations that she subjected her husband’s kids to multiple incidents of horrifying abuse and extreme methods of so-called punishment.

The Texas woman was arrested earlier this year on allegations of abuse. Now that she and her husband have been indicted, numerous details have been clarified which paint a shocking story of habitual abuse of two children. Sara Anne Woody is accused of frequently mistreating two children, ages seven and 12-years-old, which came to the attention of authorities when one of the children was taken to the hospital for a lip injury. From there, an investigation would reveal just how violent and damaging the alleged abuse was in the home headed by Woody and her husband.

The Daily Mail reports that the Texas stepmom used extreme methods to punish her stepchildren, which included forcing them to drink a mixture of vinegar and water to vomit up food that they weren’t supposed to have eaten. The children have also claimed that they were both forced to lick a dirty toilet seat as a form of punishment. That’s not the only humiliating abuse the children allegedly suffered at the hands of the Texas woman. During interviews with officials, the children alleged that they were forced to strip naked for their punishments so that Sara Anne Woody could allegedly beat the two of them with belts, paddles, or tent poles. They say they were also forced to do push-ups. The two children also allege that their stepmom also struck their genitals during the alleged incidents of abuse.

To make this story worse, the children’s biological father (and husband of Sara Anne Woody) has admitted that he was aware of the alleged abuse against his children. He has reportedly admitted to doing nothing to stop the abuse or to protect his kids from the alleged abuse at the hands of their stepmother. It’s because of this that he was also arrested and charged in association with the allegedly violent incidents. Furthermore, five children were removed from the home at the time of the Texas couple’s arrests — including the two alleged victims — and Sara was reportedly pregnant. However, at the time of this latest update, it’s not known if the Texas woman is still pregnant, or if she has already given birth to the child.

This isn’t the first time a stepmother has been accused of horrifying crimes against the children of her spouse. Earlier this year, an Ohio woman was charged in association with the death of her stepchild. Police in Lebanon say the four-year-old child was held under scalding water for approximately 20 minutes, which resulted in the lad’s painful death. His stepmom could face life behind bars if she is convicted of committing the crime that led to the boy’s demise.

Recently in Hawaii, a woman was arrested after she allegedly assaulted her stepchild in an extremely violent manner. Reports indicate that Delilah Williams admitted to duct-taping, stomping, and beating her stepdaughter, who was developmentally disabled.

As for this latest case out of Texas, Sara Anne Woody has been indicted on nearly 30 charges associated with the abuse, neglect, and torture of her stepchildren. Meanwhile, her husband has also been charged similarly. He was originally held on bond in the amount of $500,000, but Sara’s bond amount remains high at approximately $3 million. Both of the Woodys remain jailed as they await trial. As for the kids, they are being cared for safely while loved ones await the outcome of this ordeal.

[Image via Wichita County Sheriff’s Office]