Police: Florida Man Chased ‘Ghosts’ With Machete While High On Molly

A Florida man has been arrested on a variety of charges, along with his girlfriend, after authorities say the couple took the drug Molly while caring for their young children. Orlando News 6 reports that Jonathan Ponce behaved erratically, to say the least, while under the influence of the drug in the same home where a 6-year-old and 8-month-old resides.

Authorities responded to the residence inhabited by Ponce and his girlfriend, Meghan Silva, on Thursday night. The man’s girlfriend told police officers that the two of them had taken the drug Molly, and that he had been suffering from an adverse reaction to it. Authorities say that the Florida man had taken a machete from inside the home and ran from the residence in order to “chase away ghosts.” Silva claimed that she and Ponce believed that the home was haunted, which may have led to his behavior after taking the party drug that night in their home.

The finer details surrounding the arrest of Jonathan Ponce haven’t been clarified in media reports, but police have confirmed that they did find a machete in the yard, where they believe the Florida man had wielded it to “chase away ghosts” from the property.

This is far from the only bizarre incident involving drug abuse to attract attention out of the state of Florida. Last year, a Florida couple garnered widespread media attention after they had to be rescued from a closet. The detail that had many people facepalming was the fact that the closet wasn’t even locked. Reports have indicated that drug use was allegedly involved in this bizarre case.

Corey Joe Stump

In 2012, a Florida man notoriously ate the face of another man in a chilling attack that attracted a tidal wave of speculation. In particular, early police reports may have insinuated that the drug “bath salts” may have been responsible for the cannibalistic attack. However, later reports indicated that the perpetrator of the horrifyingly violent crime may have been under the influence of little more than marijuana.

In 2013, a Florida man walked into a convenience store armed to the teeth with large knives. The man was apparently hallucinating while under the influence of drugs when he allegedly asked someone in the store to not eat him. The bizarre incident ended in the arrest of 34-year-old Corey Joe Stump, who believed imaginary aliens were surrounding him in the establishment. It was later revealed that Stump may have taken the drug Molly prior to the incident.

Recently in the Sunshine State, a man was arrested after authorities believed they identified flakes of crystal meth in his vehicle. As it turned out, it was just glaze that had come from donuts he purchased from Krispy Kreme. Ultimately, the Florida man was cleared of any drug charges from arrest.

As for this latest incident out of Florida, police say they have arrested both Jonathan Ponce and his girlfriend, Meghan Silva. Silva has been charged with child neglect, but reports haven’t clarified on the charges that Ponce may face in association with Thursday’s Molly-related incident. There’s no doubt that the use of illicit drugs can be very dangerous for the persons involved, but authorities had reason to believe that this Florida couple was endangering two young children. However, reports haven’t clarified on whether or not the two young kids have been removed from the custody of the Deltona couple.

[Image via Deltona Police Dept.]