‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Style Parlor Crown Prices Confirmed, Here’s How Much New Options Will Cost

Just last month, developers of The Elder Scrolls Online announced update 11, the “Shadows of the Hist” DLC, and the upcoming Style Parlor coming to the Crown Store. Players are well aware that the new content is coming to PC on August 1, while the new features are expected to release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 16. However, details on the Style Parlor prices are just now being revealed.

When update 11 and “Shadows of the Hist” release next month, players of The Elder Scrolls Online will find the Style Parlor within the Crown Store. This new addition offers several new options for players to customize their characters including service tokens and permanent appearance unlocks. Players will soon be able to purchase services that most MMORPGs offer including Appearance Change, Race Change, and Name Change service tokens.

The Elder Scrolls Online Combine hats, costumes, personalities, and more [Image via Bethesda]By opening up the Crown Store after the update, players can direct to the Upgrades section in the store. From there, scrolling down to Service Tokens will reveal the new services offered. According to the Style Parlor guide on the official site, an Appearance Change Token will cost 1,000 Crowns, a Race Change Token will cost 3,000, and a Name Change Token will cost 2,500 Crowns. Players can use a purchased token by visiting the character select screen.

“Note that tokens can only be used from the Character Select menu. On PC, these can be accessed from the bottom of your screen, just to the right of the Play button. On Xbox One and PlayStation 4, you can find your tokens on the upper left-hand side of your screen. When you click a token to use it, you’ll be taken to the Style Parlor to make any desired adjustments.”

The upcoming premium adornments, hairstyles, and markings purchasable from the Crown Store in The Elder Scrolls Online behave differently from the service tokens. Instead of purchasing a one-time alteration for a character, these appearance options are unlocked to the player’s Collections tab. For instance, after buying a new hairstyle from the Crown Store, a player can then essentially equip and remove the hairstyle anytime by simply directing to the character’s Collections tab. Premium customization options are said to cost varying amounts with the cheapest costing 200 Crowns.

The Elder Scrolls Online Find the Style Parlor within the Crown Store [Image via Bethesda]As the Inquisitr reported, these appearance options can be used alongside any other collected features like costumes, hats, personalities, and skins. Not to mention, update 11 will allow players to dye costumes for the first time ever in The Elder Scrolls Online. ESO Plus members can dye their costumes any time with the dyes that have been unlocked on the account. Players that are not subscribed to the game cannot dye their costumes; however, they have the option to purchase static dyes from the Crown Store. The dyes from the Crown Store are a consumable dye for use on one costume.

Update 11 and the separate “Shadows of the Hist” DLC are about to release in the weeks to come, but players of The Elder Scrolls Online also have another major feature to anticipate. One Tamriel is coming soon, making the entire game battle leveled. As stated on the Bethesda website, all players from all factions will be able to benefit from the world scaling to them wherever they are playing. Players of different levels and factions can journey together without penalty.


The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition is also coming this fall for those yet to pick up the MMORPG. This edition of the game includes the base game, the first four major DLCs for the game, a Palomino horse mount, and 500 Crowns as explained on the official site. The $60 price is quite the savings for a new player or for one without all of the paid DLCs. Expect this bundle for The Elder Scrolls Online to release on September 9.

[Image via Bethesda]