Windows 10 Deadline: Last Chance For Free Upgrade, Laptop, Pay $119 After Midnight

The Windows 10 deadline for the free upgrade to the home version of the operating system is midnight tonight. Microsoft has been offering to install Windows 10 for Windows 8 users, free of charge. With restrictions, if Microsoft technicians are unable to install Windows 10 on eligible computers, the company is offering free Dell Inspiron 15 notebooks, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Even owners of computers that aren’t eligible to receive free notebooks may still be eligible for $150 towards a new computer if the old computer is brought into brick-and-mortar Microsoft stores for recycling. Today is the last day for this offer.

Most Windows 7 and 8 users can download Windows 10 directly from Microsoft. Today is the Windows 10 deadline; after midnight, the price for the home version is reported to be $119.

Windows 10 deadline: today is the last day for the free Windows 10 download and upgrade; pay $119 after midnight. Ike Barinholtz promotes Windows 10. [Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Windows 10]After today’s Windows 10 deadline, users with accessibility needs will continue to be able to receive the latest Microsoft operating system for free, as reported by Beta News.

Windows 10 Pro has been priced at $199 since being introduced.

“It took Microsoft 30 years, but the new Start menu, Edge browser, apps and Cortana make Windows 10 the best Windows yet,” the Inquisitr has previously quoted Tech Advisor. Tech Radar rated Windows 10 with four-and-a-half out of five stars and described it as Microsoft’s “pivotal” operating system.

Microsoft has partnered with former NFL pro and ALS advocate Steve Gleason, who has made use of Windows 10 and the Surface Pro to overcome challenges he faces accessing technology, as reported by the Windows Blog.

Windows 10 deadline for free download, $119 to purchase after midnight tonight. ALS Advocate and former NFL pro Steve Gleason and fellow former NFL pro Scott Fujita speak at an event hosted by Microsoft in March, 2016. [Photo by Sasha Haagensen/Getty Images for Microsoft]“For two years, I had been challenging tech companies, engineers and innovative leaders to help advance assistive communication devices,” Gleason was quoted. “Microsoft was the only company who stepped forward and was eager to deeply understand the needs of those who utilize technology as an extension of themselves.”

Microsoft has announced several upcoming enhancements to Windows 10 and Office 365, expected within a year, in an effort to make the life-enhancing products available to a wider group of people with disabilities, as reported by Windows Central. Also expected by December are enhancements to the Edge browser to improve reading and browsing “experiences.” Improvements to the way Edge works with Narrator and Magnifier are reported to be included.

After tonight’s deadline, Microsoft will make a Windows 10 Anniversary Update available on August 2. The Anniversary update has been described as having “some pretty neat” new features but not being a “huge” update by the Verge.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is said to include new support for Window Ink that will allow users to sketch and write using a pen on screen. Windows Ink includes a virtual ruler that will be compatible with Microsoft Maps and Office.

One feature lacking from the Edge browser when it was launched to the world with Windows 10 in July 2015 was browser extensions, which have allowed add-on apps to offer increased functionality in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome for many years. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is expected to include the first Edge browser extension functionality.

The Anniversary Update is also expected to include a Dark Theme that is reported to make the Windows 10 experience “a little more complete.” The Dark Theme is said to “tweak” the Notification center, Start menu, System clock, and Taskbar with minor details said to make the operating system “easier” to use. Windows 10 Music, Videos, Store, Settings and Start menus, lock screen, and Cortana are expected to receive makeovers in the update, aimed at making sure “everyone can easily access” them.

The Anniversary Update expected on August 2 is available for free to users who download before the Windows 10 deadline, later tonight.

[Image via Microsoft]