Anderson Cooper To Lindsay Lohan: Shut Up And Do Your Job

Anderson Cooper and Lindsay Lohan

Anderson Cooper wishes Lindsay Lohan would just shut up and do her job. Cooper took some time on his daytime talk show on Tuesday to discuss Lohan’s recent attack against Amanda Bynes.

Cooper was talking on Anderson Live when talk turned to Lindsay Lohan who attacked the troubled actress, Bynes, openly on Twitter. On Sunday Lohan had tweeted:

“Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?”

Lohan was referring to multiple incidents involving Amanda Bynes behind the wheel of her vehicle including a DUI accident in which she side swiped a police sheriff’s vehicle. Amanda Bynes was also pulled over with a suspended license, which was revoked after two hit-and-run accidents and several other incidents.

Anderson Cooper admitted that he doesn’t personally know Lohan but said, “I feel bad for her” and “[I] wish nothing for the best.”

After that statement, Andersoon Cooper noted:

“If I’m Lindsay Lohan, I would just be quiet and just do your job. Get off Twitter, just stop hanging out, and just do your job and comeback. Everyone loves a comeback. Everyone’s rooting for you.”

Sorry, Coop, but I stopped rooting for Lindsay Lohan the moment she started stealing from jewelry stores and regular folk at parties.

In the meantime, Amanda Bynes is believed to be suffering a mental breakdown, and she could still face jail time as her various infractions reach open court.

Do you think that Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes is more of a trainwreck?