Hillary Clinton’s Throat Clearing, Coughing During DNC Speech Makes Buzz [Video]

During Hillary Clinton’s big speech on Thursday night, wherein Hillary accepted the presidential nomination from her party, Clinton’s throat clearing made tons of buzz on social media. Some chalked Hillary’s throat clearing up to a sore throat condition, while others tweeted @HillaryClinton and turned the throat clearing muffled coughs into a drinking game.


Hillary constantly clearing her throat during the breaks in her speech at the culmination of the DNC on July 28, didn’t go unnoticed to those who began writing about it. Some wondered what was wrong with Clinton. While most chalked up Hillary’s throat clearing coughs to a sore throat, others wondered if the first female nominated by her party for president had some other type of condition that caused the coughing.

“When there are no ceilings, the sky’s the limit.”

Searching for Clinton’s throat issues and Hillary’s cough on Twitter results in an even amount of new tweets flowing into social media about the topics. While many folks wrote about liking what Clinton is saying, the clearing of her throat into the microphone was distraction enough to the #DemsInPhilly and those watching on TV to wonder if it meant Hillary was suffering from some sort of ailment.

hillary throat [Photo by Matt Rourke/AP Images]Clinton’s cough was likened to her Benghazi controversy, as reported by the Daily Beast. Previous coughing bouts from Hillary had people questioning if she is indeed healthy enough to become president. Whereas some may find it a sticking point, others might look right past Clinton’s throat clearing to not worry about making her the first female president of the U.S.

Of course, opponents took the opportunity to joke about Hillary’s cough and throat clearing as a chance to joke about Clinton clearing lies or “BS” out of her throat. On Twitter, there are plenty of mentions of turning Hillary’s throat clearing into a drinking game — as some urge viewers to take a drink every time Clinton coughs or clears her throat to muffle a cough.

As a result of so much throat clearing, some tweeters have joked that folks playing the drinking game would have been drunk midway through Hillary’s speech.


Many people tweeted that someone should have fetched Clinton some water to stop Hillary from clearing her throat so much — along with a lozenge or other medication that would stop her from clearing her throat of phlegm. Some claimed that they counted the number of times Hillary cleared her throat — with numbers of 47 being thrown about online or more.

Others urged Hillary to stop clearing her throat directly into the microphone. Tips about drinking lemon water to help clear her throat were also urged.

clinton speech [Photo by J. Scott Applewhite/AP Images]Some of the comments flowing into social media about Clinton’s cough can be read below.

“If you’re taking a drink every time Hillary Clinton clears her throat then you’re probably already drunk. #DemsInPhilly #DNC”

“Someone get @HillaryClinton a drink of water and a throat lozenge!”

“Someone get our girl @HillaryClinton some water. She’s got a frog in her throat???? #DemConvention #DemsInPhilly”


“I have now counted at least 10 times @HillaryClinton has cleared her throat. WTF!!!!”

“Can someone give @HillaryClinton a Sucrets or something, because her clearing her throat is unprofessional & really distracting! #DNCinPHL”

“Take a shot every time Hillary Clinton clears her throat.”

“The person responsible to give @HillaryClinton her throat lozenges will be fired by tomorrow morning.”

“The frog in @HillaryClinton’s voice tell a subliminal message of fear, panic! Constant clearing of throat is a sign of declining health!”

“@HillaryClinton I hear the constant clearing of your throat. I’m a vocal coach dealing with vocal health. Please contact me.”

“@HillaryClinton what’s up with clearing your throat. Actually starting to worry in case you make it #DemsInPhilly”

Clinton gave the thumbs-up sign upon entering the stage of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

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