Twitter War! Scott Baio And Rose McGowan Have Online Battle Over Politics

Perhaps it's a signal that the end of days is coming, because celebrities are taking on the role as spokespersons for our American political system. It seems that Scott Baio is taking his position as Republican mouthpiece very seriously, and taking on Rose McGowan on Twitter. It seems that McGowan believes that Baio has no soul, and Baio thinks that McGowan is a socialist. Then Scott Baio's wife jumped in to defend him, and the conversation took an odd turn, and the talk became all about Baio's penis.

According to the Inquisitr, Baio and McGowan are not the only celebrity Twitter battle this political season, as Susan Sarandon and Debra Messing threw down on Twitter, Sarandon backing Bernie Sanders and Messing stumping for Hillary Clinton. The talk turned ugly, when tongue-in-cheek Sarandon suggested that she would rather go with Trump than vote for Clinton. This ignited backers of both actors and politicians, and they started in on the Twitter war.

Page Six brought to light the Twitter battle between Scott Baio and Rose McGowan, and the fur was flying. Post-Republican National Convention, Rose McGowan obviously wasn't too impressed with Scott Baio's presence.

"It's a tough week for having a soul," she tweeted during the RNC.

Baio obviously took the bait and decided to defend his party and his candidate, Donald Trump.

"I didn't know you were the country's conscience. But enjoy living in socialism. Keep getting plastic surgery." Ouch!

In time, McGowan got ahold of herself, and decided to tap out.

"I must recuse myself, can't be in a Twitter fight with you @scottbaio it hurts the soul."

Pop Culture Whore reported that Rose McGowan penned an open letter to Scott Baio and "those like him" on Facebook. McGowan took great offense to Baio suggesting that America had to return to a sense of morality and Christian family values. McGowan also referred to Baio as a misogynist because he posted a photo of Hillary Clinton in front of the word "count," as she stood in front of the letter O, making the word C**t.

"You can't tell the world how Christian you are and how America needs to get back to Christian morality and values while using the most degrading word that you can against women without looking like an absolute moron. If these are the 'Christian values' Baio represents, it's no wonder nobody wants anything to do with them."

And McGowan didn't hold back, sarcastically thanking Scott Baio for sharing his deep thoughts about how the country and its citizens have to change, and advising a new way of life for all of the heathens out there. Then she opened up with both barrels and said that she pitied Baio's small mind, and the way he felt about women and others not like him.

"What on earth would make you think you are superior to so many? Maybe you have to keep deluding yourselves because the long reign of misogyny has a serious tick-tock target on its back and it's freaking you the f**k out."

McGowan repeatedly refers to Baio as a type, indicating that she believes that Baio is a stereotype that feels superior and doesn't like being threatened by powerful women.

"Does it make you as a man feel bigger when you tear down a woman of substance? Admit it, right, you get a little thrill. You seem to. You feel so clever. A regular Oscar Wilde, in fact. Or is it merely that women like Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton have an intellect so gargantuan that you are way beyond your depth?"

But then Scott Baio's wife Renee Baio, who goes by the Twitter handle @MrsScottBaio, got into the battle on Twitter, and took on McGowan directly. She suggested that McGowan was just jealous, and perhaps secretly wanted Scott Baio for herself. Others, including those who know Baio, jumped on McGowan's side, and Baio's wife took them on too.
Scott Baio's wife says that she knows the man she married, and will continue to defend him. The Twitter war, at least between Scott Baio's wife and the McGowan supporters, shows no signs of stopping.

Have you checked out any of the celebrity political Twitter battles?

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]