Bike sharing is a growing idea coming to Boston

Bike sharing is a concept that has taken strong hold in Europe and in Montreal, Canada, on this side of the ocean. The idea being that located around the city are bike racks with specially built bike that you can “borrow” ride to where you want to go and drop off at a nearby bike rack; either that or complete your chores and return home dropping off the bike on the way.

Boston is one of the first cities in the U.S. that will be setting up such a system; with the help of Canadian company Public Bike System Company, that will see 290 stations setup around the city. While the contracts still have to be signed Boston hopes to have the system up and running by next summer. Additionally other cities are looking at implementing the bike system as well.

A Canadian company, the Public Bike System Company, was selected to bring a network of bike-sharing stations to Boston, and plans to expand the system into Cambridge, Somerville, and Brookline shortly afterward. Each city still has to finalize contracts with the company before the program can begin, said Amanda Linehan, a MAPC spokeswoman.

“This will make it easier for people to use bikes to do errands, to attend meetings during work hours, and to visit friends,” Marc Draisen, executive director of MAPC, said in a statement. “It will take cars off the road and improve our air quality. The Public Bike System Company already runs a great system in Montreal, and we’re pleased to provide the municipalities the opportunity to enter into a contract with them.”

Source: :: Vendor selected for Boston area bike-sharing program

image courtesy of Inhabitat