‘Bernie Or Bust’ Trolls And Anyone Attacking Sarah Silverman Are Just Wasting Their Time

In comparison to the Republican National Convention, the Democratic National Convention had some serious star power, and their “militarized” liberal Sarah Silverman did what she does best: she offended the anti-Hillary Bernie or Busters when she told them they “were being ridiculous” for holding out for far too long on not accepting Hillary Clinton as the party nominee, even after Bernie Sanders himself conceded the nomination to Hillary Clinton.

It didn’t matter that at one time Sarah Silverman was #FeelingTheBern before she realized the cards were stacked against Sanders and many were gradually shifting to Clinton.

In a world full of social media trolls and public gas-lighting, some might agree that a “militarized” Sarah Silverman is what the world needs while others would disagree that she even is. Obviously from the recent reaction to her DNC statement, she gets straight to the point and at the same time it seems that a good amount of people know very little about Sarah Silverman.

One only needs to visit her Twitter profile to find something to get angry about, assuming one is familiar enough with the issues to do so, because her position on many a social topic makes her the perfect trolling target. As a matter of fact, immediately after her statement at the Democratic National Convention, it was widely reported that Sarah Silverman’s official Twitter account had been hacked in retaliation.

Sarah Silverman and Triumph cornered the market in offensive comedy
Sarah Silverman and Triumph, two comics who are known for two things, one is for laughs and the other, insults. [Image by/AP Photo]

And while she’s taken some decent hits online, her relevance and her power are more obvious offline where she has brilliantly exhibited her style of dark comedy on stages across America, forcing audiences to think at a higher level while she tests their moral limits, especially because Sarah Silverman is effectively disarming to those who have little idea what they’re in for when they attend her shows.

It’s also been noted that around the time she told the Bernie or Bust people that they were being “ridiculous,” Sarah Silverman had been attacked for making offensive statements about Jews killing Jesus, which Snopes clarified she had said as part of her act years ago, because that’s where she comes from; the comedy circuit.

Actually when she was interviewed on WTF with Marc Maron way back in October 2010, she acknowledged even then that her brand of comedy was a hard-sell.

“I’m not for everyone, it turns out. I’m lucky in that um, I’ve done commercials and made good money and then the great part is that they don’t air because; what happens is they do some research and find out that I’m popular and so they pay me to do a commercial or a bunch of commercials, and then they do a little more research and find out that I’m hated more than loved. You know more people, even more people hate me and then they don’t air it and then it’s great!”

Now is as good a time as any for Sarah Silverman to capture the public’s attention. The Democratic National Convention was widely broadcast, giving many people their first experience with the comedian when she took on determined Bernie Sanders supporters, who clearly should not have been surprised when she slammed them on stage. And for those who might have wondered who she was, they might also have rushed to do research and find just how popular she is similar to those producers who’ve cast her in those unaired commercials.

Of course further research still shows reasons for her popularity which comes to show that to her, it’s just par for the course.

Sarah Silverman is used to the hate.
Sarah Silverman performs her brand of comedy at the Vulture Festival. [Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images for Vulture Festival]

The Inquisitr reported on when comedian Sarah Silverman said she almost died in early July before her appearance at the convention, and the Montreal Gazette recently reviewed her first stand-up gig appearance in a month at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, saying she was the best comedian out there, even though she was a bit rusty.

The point here is that Sarah Silverman has made a career of “killing” on stage and taking the hit from audiences who might find her material too dark. And going after her in any form is energy that could be spent somewhere else.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/AP Images]