Why Kylie Jenner Is Allegedly 'Livid' With Kris Jenner Over Makeup Brush Disaster

Kylie Jenner is said to be "livid" with her mom Kris Jenner after facing some intense backlash over the release of her makeup brush gift sets. According to reports, Kylie is placing the blame firmly at her mom's door after the 20-year-old received some pretty intense backlash this week for attempting to sell a collection of her makeup brushes for a whopping $360.

Sources are claiming that although Kylie – who's reportedly pregnant with her first child – is very involved in her Kylie Cosmetics makeup line, she relies on her mom to steer her in the right direction and is "livid" that she thought charging hundreds of dollars for her brushes would be a good idea.

"This is one false step that Kylie argued over and blames her momager for. Kylie is livid over the blowback from her fans over a decision that Kris thought was best," a source alleged to Hollywood Life this week of how Jenner really feels about the overwhelmingly negative response to her latest beauty offering.

The Kardashian insider went on to claim that Jenner told her mom in no uncertain terms that marketing the brushes at a luxury market was an "off-brand marketing decision" and "priced out her core market and fans" which is mainly younger females who buy her hugely popular lip kits and eyeshadow palettes.

The source then added that Kylie seriously "regrets" the expensive amount being charged for the Kylie Cosmetics brushes and has learned that she now needs to "follow her own intuition" when it comes to her business going forward rather than being influenced by those around her.

Neither Jenner have responded to the report, though if there really is drama brewing between the mother/daughter duo over the controversial decision, Kris wasn't letting on on social media.

The Kardashian matriarch praised her daughter ahead of the official release of the brush set today (December 13) where she admitted that she was a "proud mama" over Kylie's latest launch.

"Gorgeous brushes Kylie!!!!!" Kris captioned a video of herself receiving one of the sets in a gift box uploaded to her Twitter account on December 12 amid allegations of drama between the two. "So excited can't wait until your launch tomorrow! #proudmama #merrychristmas #santascoming #alliwantforchristmas @kyliecosmetics."

As Inquisitr previously reported, fans were left livid after it was revealed last week that the brushes from Kylie's makeup line would cost $360 and a slew of the star's followers slammed her across social media for the hefty price tag.

Jenner also got a whole lot of backlash from the online makeup community. A flurry of beauty YouTubers including influencer Manny MUA uploaded videos called out the star, not only for the price, but also for the quality of her brushes and the packaging.

The brushes were first advertised on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page last week, where it was revealed that the set would be limited edition and also includes a silver brush roll to store the tools.

The collection includes 16 silver brushes, which at $360, makes them $22.50 each.

Kylie Jenner reportedly angry with mom Kris Jenner over pricey makeup brushes misstep

Kylie has continued to promote her makeup line on social media amid the drama and alleged fallout with her mom Kris, encouraging her fans to shell out for the brush set as well as her new line of lipsticks and concealers.

She continued to promote the line on Instagram, telling her more than 100 million followers on December 9, "#TheSilverSeries Lipsticks, Brushes, and Concealers are launching 12/13 on KylieCosmetics.com @kyliecosmetics."

The reality star also responded to one fan who called her out for the pricey items by tweeting out the prices of brush sets from other makeup brands including Mac for reference. "I always fight for the lowest price on all my products," Kylie said.