Nick Jonas Dates Lily Collins, Disregards Demi Lovato’s Girlfriend Advice

Nick Jonas is living his life and no one, including his tour mate Demi Lovato, can do anything about it! Even after she gave him a firm advice that he should not have a girlfriend, he went right ahead and got involved with Lily Collins.

He is proud enough of his actions that he admitted that he is seeing someone with his own mouth. Or maybe he is ready to get more public with his new girlfriend!

“We went out a couple of times,” he said according to Page Six. “She is amazing. We have known each other for years, just running in the same circles.”


And then, the Chains singer got a little bit more philosophical when it came to elaborating on his life choices.

“I’ve enjoyed meeting different people and spending time with people with all the cards on the table. All people need human interaction at some level. And at my age too, dating is important, getting to know yourself by meeting different people, seeing what it’s all about.”

Whatever trouble (or miracle) that Nick Jonas is getting involved in, Demi Lovato is not really approving the way that he is spending his youth. Like Nick, Demi was ready to speak her mind when it came to relationships, dating and having girlfriends.

“He’s a guy in his twenties and he’s famous and he likes to have a lot of fun,” she openly said according to Us Weekly. “Listen, even when he was in a relationship, I was like, ‘Get out of that. You could f–k anybody that you want right now, so have fun and do that.””

Demi also dropped a bomb when she said that she did not like his former girlfriend Olivia Culpo.

“Honestly, I didn’t like her anyway,” Demi confessed. “It’s not because she’s mean or anything, but he has such a great sense of humor and I want him to be with someone that makes him laugh. I can tell if something’s up because he’ll close off.”

Looks like Cool for the Summer singer is ready to say the truth when it comes to people dating her tour mate! His fans must wonder what she has to say about Lily Collins.

Before Nick got involved with Lily Collins, he had his eyes on a much older woman – Kate Hudson! They were seen together multiple times since the beginning of 2016, going on dates, hitting the slopes and spending time at Disney World.

The last time that Nick and Kate were seen together, they were “spotted having a lengthy dinner on Sunday at Carbone in New York City, reigniting dating speculation,” according to People Magazine.


Nick Jonas isn’t just running around and having fun with Lily Collins, Kate Hudson or other potential girlfriends – he is also career focused! The latest news is that he is angling to be a part of Jumanji reboot.

“If cast, the “Jealous” singer would join Dwayne Johnson in the remake of the 1995 feature that starred the late Robin Williams as the freed jungle dweller who must work to win the magical board game that locked him away,” reports Hollywood Reporter.

While the 23-year-old Texan got his start as a pop artist, with his brothers in Jonas Brothers, it looks like he is ready to be considered as a serious actor as well. He debuted in his first big film role at this year’s Sundance Festival, where he starred in Goat, a psychological thriller.

Do you think Nick Jonas is ready for a relationship with Lily Collins, now that he has had a taste of singledom? Or do you think he still keeps Kate Hudson in the back of his mind?

[Photo by Arthur Mola/AP Images]