Bieber Fans And ‘Directioners’ Fight About Hashtag In New Twitter War — And It’s Hilarious! Proof That ‘Beliebers’ Started Trend First

Beliebers and Directioners hashtag twitter war

There is once again a Twitter war going on between Justin Bieber fans(Beliebers) and fans of One Direction (Directioners), and it is quite hilarious. As reported in Unreality TV, it seems that there is a dispute among the Bieber fans and Directioners over who used a hashtag first. Directioners claim that they started trending #saveniallhoran first, but the Beliebers say that their #savejustinbieber was copied by the Directioners. The Twitter war comes after another #save trend was exposed — that of YouTuber Marina Joyce — #savemariajoyce. However, this article will prove that Beliebers did indeed start the hashtag trend, even before the one about saving Ms. Joyce started trending.

The hashtag about Marina Joyce has been trending, causing a flurry of people who believed that the 20-something YouTuber was being held against her will or abused, or both, according to signs and clues people saw in her videos. This hashtag caused people to reach out to Joyce, asking her to do particular things to let them know if she needed help, which she did — and it caused a panic in the YouTube world.

Ms. Joyce is not in danger, however — the tactics were simply an act in order to get more views on her YouTube channel, and it has been revealed that Ms. Joyce suffers from schizophrenia, which explains her behavior in her videos that caused alarm for viewers. So, in true Internet form, #savejustinbieber is now trending on Twitter, and the Beliebers are saying that Directioners copied them by starting #saveniallhoran.

The tweets are very funny and make light of the Joyce tweets. It appears that the first tweet in this trend was actually sent out 22 hours ago by a Directioner named Aleeja, who shared a FB post by another 1D fan.

The earliest Bieber hashtag that is “Joyce-esque” shows to have been tweeted 21 hours ago, about an hour after the first tweet to save Niall. The tweet was posted by a Bieber fan by the name of cold water, who also referenced #savemariajoyce.

This clearly shows that the Directioners started this new trend first, right? Actually, no it doesn’t. While a Directioner may have been the first to tweet a comical and hilarious reference to the Marina Joyce trend, if you go back further, you will see that a Bieber fan actually coined the hashtag first, even before the Marina Joyce trend.

The very earliest tweet by a One Direction fan that started trending #saveniallhoran was shown to be in April of 2012. However, in the tweet below, you see that a Bieber fan actually started the trend first in November, 2009.

So, if truth be told, Beliebers actually started the trend first, before Maria Joyce was a YouTube star, and before Directioners did. The tweets are still hilarious, especially the ones where people are arguing their case.

This is not the first time Beliebers and Directioners have started a Twitter war, but this is by far the funniest battle. In October of 2014, a war broke out on Twitter between the two fandoms over the MTV EMA awards. According to the Washington Post, the EMA producers asked fans to post hashtags for their favorite, and the one with the most hashtags would win the Biggest Fans award. Unfortunately, this caused quite an uproar when it was found that both sides were trying to trick the other side by posting bogus hashtags in order to sabotage their votes. One Direction ended up winning the award.

Also, last year, an Inquisitr article reported that Beliebers and Directioners went to war after Liam Payne fired back a tweet directed at a Justin Bieber fan, who tweeted to Payne, “Isn’t it kinda depressing for you to know that Justin Bieber will always be more successful than you?”

Payne responded, “How many times have I been arrested?”

This immediately set off a Twitter-storm of back-and-forth tweets by both Beliebers and Directioners, defending their faves. Bieber, however, remained silent.

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[Photos by Kevin Winter/Getty Images — Photo of Niall Horan For iHeartMedia]