Police: Florida Woman Bit Off Babysitter’s Lip During Fight Over Crying Child

A Florida woman has been arrested after police say she violently assaulted the woman babysitting her child. The Tampa Dispatch reports that 31-year-old Megan Marie Jones has been given domestic violence-related charges after an incident left the unidentified sitter with a significant portion of her lip missing.

The incident reportedly took place on Saturday night, just before midnight, when Megan Jones had returned from a night out. She had left her young child in the care of an unnamed woman, who was still in the home caring for the 2-year-old boy when the Florida woman returned home. Police in Crystal River say that Megan was intoxicated when she returned to the residence on Saturday night and that she became agitated when her toddler son began to cry. It was at this time that things allegedly spiraled out of control.

Reports say that the unnamed babysitter attempted to pacify the situation when the Florida woman became irate at her crying child. Fox News 13 reports that Megan Marie Jones began yelling at the 2-year-old child, which attracted the intervention of the babysitter. The woman allegedly told Jones to stop yelling at the child, which resulted in the Florida woman reacting explosively. The two reportedly began fighting, with Megan Jones still holding her 2-year-old son. Police say that during the altercation, the Florida woman bit her child’s babysitter’s lip. In the end, police say the two were on the ground engaged in a full-out brawl while Megan Jones held her toddler.

The unidentified babysitter had to be treated by medical professionals, who say that she was missing as much as one-fourth of an inch of her lip. The child, fortunately, was not harmed during the alleged altercation that left his babysitter possibly scarred for life.

This is not the first time a Florida woman has made media headlines for all the wrong reasons. Earlier this year, a 21-year-old woman named Miranda Johns was arrested after she was allegedly caught having sex with animals. In particular, the young Florida woman has been accused of filming herself having sexual contact with dogs for the purpose of showing them to at least one young man. Also this year, a Florida couple was arrested after an argument took a violent turn during meal time. The woman allegedly assaulted her husband with a burrito during the altercation, which resulted in him retaliating with a fork.

Also this year, another Florida woman was arrested after she allegedly set her boyfriend on fire. The incident took place recently at a homeless camp. Police say the homeless woman became enraged when her boyfriend wouldn’t provide her with illicit drugs. As revenge, she allegedly used lighter fluid to set the man aflame.

As for this latest case out of the Sunshine State, Megan Marie Jones has been charged with child neglect and felony battery. Her child has also been removed from her custody and placed into the care of his grandparents. No reports have indicated what kind of relationship the babysitter has with the Florida woman, but police have declared that this case is being treated as an incident of domestic violence. Megan Marie Jones is currently being held in jail in Citrus County without bond. It should also be noted that a witness to the alleged assault has provided authorities with video evidence of the incident.

[Image via Citrus County Sheriff]