Kelsey Davies: 6-Year-Old Girl Braves Her Family’s Burning House To Rescue 11-Month-Old Brother

Kelsey Davies is being hailed as a hero after the 6-year-old rescued her 11-month-old brother from a burning home, then returned to the blaze to help the rest of her family.

The girl pulled her baby brother, Andrew, out of his crib as flames began to engulf their home in Wales. Kelsey attempted to save her other brother, 4-year-old Jac, but she was unable to help him out in time, and Jac died in the fire.

The children’s mother, Jenny, was asleep downstairs when the fire broke out, the Mirror reported. The children were asleep in their bedrooms upstairs, and Kelsey was the first to wake up.

She went immediately to the room of her baby brother, scooping him up out of his crib and carrying him out of the house and to a neighbor.

Kelsey then returned back to the burning home, helping her mother and 3-year-old brother make it out.

“Kelsey was amazing, she picked Andrew up out of his cot and got him out of the house,” her mother told the Mirror. “I’m very proud of her but I’ll never get over losing my little Jac.”

Two neighbors tried to battle their way into the house to save Jac, but they were driven back by the intense heat.

Despite being hailed as a hero for her quick-thinking, Kelsey Davies is reportedly devastated at the death of her younger brother.

“Kelsey is the oldest of the children and loves to mother her three little brothers,” noted Kim Cousnell, a family friend. “Her first reaction would have been to get them out of the house when she realized it was on fire.”


Jac’s death was hard on all the members of the family. Jenny Davies left a heartbreaking note outside the house, a tribute to her lost son, the Metro noted.

“My handsome big blue eyed boy, you’re my life, my world, my everything and will never ever forget your beautiful blonde curls.Go ride your train up to heaven and wait for me. Save a bit of that light for me and we will see each other again one day I promise.

“Kelsey, Riley, Andrew will always remember you, always and forever.”

The story of Kelsey Davies’ selfless rescue was reminiscent of another story of sacrifice from the United States. In January 2014, 9-year-old Tyler Doohan was killed in a fire that tore through his family’s home in upstate New York, but not before he saved six relatives who were sleeping inside.

As fire consumed the small home, Doohan raced to wake them all up so they could get to safety, CBS News reported. But he remained inside to help his grandfather, who had a leg amputated because of health problems and was confined to a wheelchair.

Both Tyler and his grandfather ended up dying in the fire, along with one other relative. Tyler’s funeral, held several days later, drew more than 100 firefighters, and a local department named him as an honorary firefighter.


It even drew the attention of a basketball team from Wisconsin, who traveled hundreds of miles to serve as pallbearers, WROC reported.

“The players were taken with the story,” Silver Lake College coach Phil Budervic said. “Our core values are compassion and community and we teach them that compassion has no limits and community has no boundaries. They looked at this as if it happened next door.”

While Kelsey Davies is being hailed as a hero in Wales, investigators say there is still more work for them to do in determining the cause of the fire. They have been investigating the scene and are asking for any witnesses who saw the blaze to come forward.

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