Bradley Cooper: Star Of ‘American Sniper’ Bashed By Conservatives For Showing Up At DNC [Video]

Bradly Cooper famously portrayed self-proclaimed “American Sniper” Chris Kyle in the movie of the same name, and he’s since become a celebrity icon for conservatives in the United States. Fast forward to Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, when the actor famous for portraying a conservative Navy SEAL was repeatedly spotted in the audience. In the midst of President Obama’s DNC address, the DNC cameraman panned to Bradly Cooper’s face over and over again, presumably in an effort to capture candid reactions from the star.

As the Huffington Post reports, Bradly Cooper’s appearance at the DNC, his beautiful girlfriend, model Irina Shayk, by his side, seemingly infuriated right-wing social media users. Apparently, conservatives think (or thought) that because Bradly Cooper once played super-conservative Chris Kyle on the big screen, Cooper is a conservative in real life, too.

Responding to what they apparently perceived as a betrayal by Bradly Cooper, conservatives took to Twitter to complain about their shock and outrage regarding Cooper’s DNC attendance.

The truth of the matter is that Bradley Cooper is nobody’s conservative, nor is he in any way affiliated with the Republican Party or the Republican Party’s political platform. Bradley is a Democrat, and he is very public about his political beliefs. Despite portraying a conservative hero, murdered sniper Chris Kyle, in a blockbuster film, Bradley Cooper has been an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton for years. He even donated money to the current Democratic presidential nominee’s 2008 campaign. Bradley Cooper isn’t just a long-time supporter of Hillary Clinton, who made history this week when she became the first female U.S. presidential nominee from a major political party, he’s also been a supporter of sitting POTUS Barrack Obama’s policies and has publicly supported President Obama’s firearms initiatives.

The shock of seeing Bradley Cooper, someone they perceived as “one of their own,” blatantly supporting Hillary Clinton at the DNC clearly proved to be too much for a large number of conservative Twitter users. Even though Bradley Cooper has been a very open liberal and has never claimed any political affiliation to the Republican Party or voiced any support for conservative beliefs in his real life, conservatives took to their social media accounts to publicly rip into “traitorous” Bradley Cooper for his political defection.

Some of the tweets, posted by people who demonstrated an inability to discern fantasy from reality, were pretty harsh. And almost all of the tweets critical of Bradley Cooper’s attendance at the DNC are rooted in the fantastical notion that Cooper is some kind of Republican turncoat when nothing could be further from the truth.

In the case of Bradley Cooper criticism, the problem is his ill-informed and seemingly confused critics, not an actual change in political affiliation by Bradley Cooper himself.

Not everyone buzzing about Bradley Cooper on social media is picking on the “American Sniper” superstar for changing political teams. A good portion of the buzz surrounding his name on Twitter on the day after his “shocking” DNC appearance is in his defense, and still more is satirical criticism of his off-base attackers.

Many of those who’ve come out to defend Bradley Cooper have done so by referencing other actors and their movie roles, talking about how disturbing the world might be if Hollywood stars extended the existence of the characters they’ve portrayed above and beyond the camera lens.


While the conservatives of America are apparently deeply disturbed by Bradley Cooper showing up at the political convention of the party he actively supports, many other Americans are deeply concerned that so many in this country lack the ability to distinguish between a real person and the role they play in film or television.

What do you think? Do social conservatives have a valid point when they complain about Cooper attending the DNC? Is it incorrect for the actor to have added to his fortune by depicting Chris Kyle (who, incidentally was recently involved in a large posthumous scandal for falsifying his military record) and then turning around and supporting the Democratic National Convention? Should Bradley Cooper have placated his conservative fan base by skipping the DNC?

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