Blac Chyna, Amber Rose Friendship Torn Apart By Kardashians: Has Blac Replaced Amber For Kim Kardashian?

Blac Chyna and Amber Rose’s friendship is beginning to crumble, and it’s all thanks to the Kardashians, reports have claimed.

According to Radar Online, Blac Chyna and her former best pal have been butting heads recently because Amber is under the impression that the socialite has chosen the likes of Kim and Khloe Kardashian over their friendship.

The twosome were inseparable before Chyna started seeing Rob. In fact, Amber and Blac were so close that Chyna even made the former stripper the godmother of her 3-year-old son, Cairo. But recent reports have alleged that things have changed now that Blac is affiliated with the Kardashians.

When Blac Chyna isn’t spending time with her fiance, she’s often caught up attending events with Kim Kardashian, who was also said to have been a good friend of Blac’s prior to Kylie Jenner’s hookup with Chyna’s ex-boyfriend, Tyga. It would go on to cause a nasty rift between the two socialites.

Kim and Chyna are on much better terms these days, especially after the mother of two found out that Blac was expecting a child with her younger brother, Rob. Kim knew she had to be the bigger person and squash whatever beef she once had with her former friend in the hopes that they can potentially get back to how things used to be.

Radar Online continues by stressing that Amber Rose is not happy with the advances Blac has made towards the Kardashians, giving her every reason to believe that she has somewhat ended their friendship so that she can spend more time with Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney.

Just last week, Chyna was seen dining out in Hollywood with Khloe, and, of course, dozens of photographers were there to capture the twosome’s time together. Amber reportedly feels as though Blac has ditched her now that the Kardashians have become her new family, with one insider alleging that Chyna’s friendship with Amber is quickly dying out.

“Honestly, Amber kind of feels like Blac Chyna turned on her,” one source gushed to the outlet. “It is almost impossible for Amber to be around Blac nowadays because she is always around the Kardashians and Blac knows how much Amber cannot stomach that family.”

Blac Chyna and Amber Rose have not been spotted together in months, which Rose says is simply down to their hectic schedules, but sources beg to differ. The duo has become rather distant to one another in recent months, even giving fans the impression that the twosome are no longer the best of friends they once were.

“Blac Chyna is getting close with Kim now and Amber just does not want any part of it. Amber cannot stand any of them really and none of them can stand her. It seems like Blac Chyna has made her choice and it is driving them apart more and more each day.”

Amber has made it known that she’s not a huge fan of the Kardashians, particularly Kim, who is now married to the socialite’s ex-boyfriend, Kanye West.

Rose has made some very controversial comments regarding Kim over the years, as reported by the International Business Times, stressing that the 35-year-old was a homewrecker who was to blame for her relationship downfall with Kanye, before telling The Breakfast Club that she was horrified by the thought of Tyga leaving the mother of his child for Kylie Jenner, who, at the time, was 17-years-old.

Amber defended Blac on numerous occasions following the news that Tyga had left her for Kylie Jenner, but now it seems Rose’s loyalty to her former best pal was never really appreciated since Chyna has now distanced herself to spend more time with the Kardashians.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]