‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Frank’s Fate Is Sealed, Paranoia Circulates About The Round Trip Ticket, And Paulie And Zakiyah Patch Things Up [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 live feed spoilers have been action-packed the past few days as the houseguests prepare for another eviction. Frank Edy has accepted his fate and realizes that he would likely leave the house tonight. He coaches Bridgette Dunning about how to trust in the house and plans her next move. Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Paulie Calafiore has a heart-to-heart with Zakiyah Everette about the status of their relationship. Paranoia circulates the BB18 house as they panic that Frank could have the round trip ticket, earning his way back in the game.

Online Big Brother reports that Frank has accepted the fact that he will likely go home tonight. He has tried every angle possible to stay, and none have worked out in his favor. He realizes that the Big Brother house wants him to go and prays that he picked the round trip ticket in the secret room this week. Da’Vone Rogers tried to get him (and the other houseguests) to open their ticket — which would make it void. Of course, Frank and Bridgette refused to touch their tickets.


Big Brother Network reports that Paulie and Zakiyah had a deep conversation about where their relationship is at right now. Zakiyah confided that when he flirts with other girls in the house (mainly Nicole Franzel), it makes her jealous. She added that when she is “with a man,” she doesn’t look or talk to any other people. “I am content with my man when I am in a relationship. That’s just how I am,” Zakiyah explained.

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Paulie will try to explain why he flirts so much with other girls and attempts to calm her down, just a little. He tells her that he wants to continue to “date” her outside the house and really likes her. His explanation for flirting was simple — Paulie’s Italian, and a good flirt. Not sure if he was telling the truth, but she seemed to believe him. Zakiyah and Paulie’s showmance will survive at least one more day.

Big Brother 18 spoilers reveal that the house is on edge after they realized the possibility that Frank could have the round trip ticket. Paul tries to make everyone feel better and says if Frank has the winning ticket–they can just send him home, again. Nicole worries that if Frank has another week in the house that he could get two or more people on his side, and could prove difficult to get out of the game.


Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that Frank talks to Bridgette about who she can trust in the game, moving forward. He tells her that she can trust Paulie, but only short-term. He adds not to trust Da’Vonne, Nicole, or Zakiyah at all–not even for one competition. He says she might be abe to work with Corey Brooks and Michelle, but to be alert and watch for signs they may betray her. Frank goes on to add that she must go for broke and try to win the Head of Household competition, and if she doesn’t win, to go for the Power of Veto. “I believe you got this. Just keep your head in the game and you’ll go far,” Frank whispers.

At this point, no one knows what is going to happen on tonight’s Big Brother LIVE eviction show. It seems pretty likely that Frank will be sent to meet Julie Chen, but could he have the winning round trip ticket? It’s anyone’s guess.


Watch Big Brother 18 tonight on CBS to find out who goes home and if they picked the round trip ticket during the secret room twist. Stick with the Inquisitr for more Big Brother 18 spoilers, news, and live feed updates.

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